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Intentions are not integrity?

I am going through something is not a valid excuse for not doing your best. It is not a valid excuse for letting people down, not being a person of integrity or any other reason you may want to use it.

Over the last few years I have heard that excuse so many times that it has made me insensitive. Who isn’t going through something? Everyone has their troubles, trials, set-backs and problems. The last few years were hard years for a lot of people for many different reasons. One of the biggest reasons was financial hardship. Many people who were use to paying their bills on time and having discretionary income suddenly had to budget, sacrifice and even suffer. Even with all the turmoil going on it shouldn’t keep you from performing with veracity.

I was one of those people who had to learn to sacrifice. Slowly but surely as the market sank my clients reacted; those changes affected my salary, which soon affected my lifestyle. I use to be able to through money at any problem I had or anyone around me had. After the shift I had to learn to sit down and figure out my problems. I also had to learn to say no sometimes. I was no longer able to fix everyone’s problems because I could barely afford to fix my own. So many things that I had never dealt with before were happening and I didn’t know what to do. My tenants decided to stop paying their rent and my property went into foreclosure. I tried very hard to get the mortgage modified and although I had helped several of my clients get modifications I myself could not get one.

My tenants were cold and mean and I assume they thought I was independently wealthy. Once I got those tenants out I got a new tenant who after 7 months decided she was not going to pay rent anymore either. She was worse than the first tenants because she changed the locks and chained my gates so that I could not get in. Meanwhile, while all of this was happening my grandmother died and I found out the guy I was dating was unfaithful.

I still had responsibilities and duties that needed my attention. I had to keep my reputation and hold myself accountable for my actions. It was hard and I wanted to roll up in a ball and go to sleep for 10 years until the trouble was over, but I could not. In my head I knew that I should not have purchased property if I could not afford it without the help of a tenant but in my heart I wanted it. The Financial Advisor in me knew right from wrong but the human being in me did not act on that logic.

We all bank on best case scenario like I did. We don’t plan for the worst so when it happens we are devastated. We do this in life year after year and we blame others for our misfortune. We have to stop doing this because this behavior will not get us to our peaceful, happy place. When the worst case scenario happens we are measured by how we manage during those times.

That brings me back to “I’m going through something right now.” How selfish and self-centered can you be to think that you are the only one going through something? And what thought have you given to how your actions affect someone else’s situation. Your negligence could cause them to go through something. Like my tenant who was going through something and didn’t pay the rent which caused me to tell the mortgage company that I was going through something and couldn’t pay the note. I have no idea what my actions caused Bank of America to go through. This is an example that we are all connected and that is why we have to do our best and pull it together even when we are going through something.

I am going through something is not enough to get you off the hook for your responsibilities or for you to give up. It doesn’t excuse you from following-up or following through and it certainly should not keep you from handling your business. We all need a little help sometimes and we won’t be on top of our game 100% of the time but we must do our best to keep our integrity.

If you are using this excuse, please stop. You are never allowed to cause someone else pain or to act with disregard. So do not ignore the person who is expecting you to show up. Do not pretend you don’t remember the tasks you are responsible for and do not crawl under a rock to try and disappear. Have pride in yourself. Own up to your responsibilities, keep fighting through it, be honest with yourself and others and do what you can with what you have left. If you give your all before you know it you will be back on top.

Trust me. I know because I’ve been there. When we all get back up we will have a big party at the top.

Starting Over…Now That’s Presidential!

For entertainment purposes only (and networking of course)

Dinner Table for Christmas

Dinner Table (Photo credit: camknows)

When was the last time you had a party? For some people entertaining is a regular thing. For others, it seems impossible and tiring. It seems to take forever to decide what to wear, who to invite and what to talk about when everyone gets there. The details can be daunting but the good news is getting together with friends, family and colleagues does not have to include an event coordinator. You can keep it simple. The main point is staying connected to your connections.

There is a saying that goes, “your NETWORK determines your NET WORTH.” In other words, if you hang out with successful, powerful, wealthy people you should in time become more successful, powerful and wealthy.

You don’t always have to organize a networking party to get together with your network. There really doesn’t have to be a purpose or theme, you can get together for any reason. You can have a “it’s Sunday party.” You can have a “are you hungry, come on over I cooked party.” There is always the “come meet my friends and bring your friends party.” Of course, if you like you can attach a theme and party with a purpose as well.

It does not matter if you are entertaining clients, friends, venders or family you should put a little of yourself in the theme and let the rest create itself. You do not have to have control at all times. As I once heard hostess Danielle Rollins say “something will go wrong and things will get broken.” Don’t worry about what will go wrong just think about all the memories you will create for yourself and your guest.

You can plan several small parties where there are just 10-15 guests or you can wait for a holiday and invite everyone you know. Pick a day, stick to it and grab a friend to help you. The two of you can put your heads and pockets together to come up with a great reason to entertain. Make the calls, send the invitations and wait for the door bell to ring. Yes you will have a mess to clean up tomorrow but at least you got to see all those smiling faces for a few hours. And guess who is going to be on their minds for the next few days; wonderful, beautiful you.

If you need any ideas go to www.danielledrollins.com she can help you with the details. Send me an email afterward and tell me how it goes. Remember you are working on (C.A.L.M) Career And Lifestyle Management this year. So work hard and play hard.

Entertaining…Now That’s Presidential!

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What will people say?

In a perfect world how you see yourself is how others will see you, but this is not always what happens in the real world. Sometimes, we think of ourselves one way while others see use differently. We often get so caught up in what people will say that we can’t be ourselves. Which is more important to you how you see yourself, how others see you or that they both match.

If the way others see you is most important you may be tempted to people please and adjust your values. If it is more important to you how you see yourself you may be tempted to be selfish and arrogant. When creating your persona or character you should consider what others will think of you, especially if those people affect your life; like a spouse or boss. On the other hand, you also have to consider what makes you happy and as long as those decisions don’t hurt anyone, especially your love ones, everyone should be fine.

The first thing you should think about if you have not already is what words do you want people to use to describe you when you are not in the room. What feeling do you want them to feel when you leave the room? Do you want to be multi-talented or a specialist, easy going or high strung, good listener or talkative, life of the party or wallflower. If you want to be known as helpful then initiate assistance to others. If you want the title of friendly say hello and start genuine conversations. If anti-social is what you are going for then turn down invitations and stay to yourself. If you give some thought to the idea you want to leave people with first and purposely act according to these characteristics then you and your network will have the same perception.

Later you can determine if this is right for your life and your goals or if you need to adjust. Right now focus on exercising control over your reputation and self-esteem. If you get it right the first time you can adjust it as needed because you now have the recipe, you just have to change the ingredients.

When being you becomes easy…Now That’s Presidential!

Keep the best of you do the rest of you

Pile of gorgeous gifts

We all have gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all have gifts we just need to find the few things that are broken about us and fix them. Some people have love but no money. Others have money but no love. Many people are pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. There are those who have power but people don’t like them. Some people are shy to speak but have an incredible message. We all have talents, gifts, blessings and features that stand out. Sometimes those features stand out in a good way and sometimes they stand out in a way we don’t enjoy, those are our insecurities. Insecurities can make us or break us so we have to gain control over them. We have the option to accept them or change them.

We should use the talents we have to their fullest, but that doesn’t tell us what to do with our weaknesses. You should first try to strengthen your weaknesses but ultimately you should put your energy toward delegating those weaknesses.

Think about the things you are uncomfortable with, the things you cover up or complain about. Are there ways you can improve those things? Then why don’t you. If you don’t like your grammar take a speech class, if you are overweight change your eating habits and workout, if cosmetic dentistry is the answer ask your dentist for advice. Color your hair, getInvisalign to straighten your teeth, go to the dermatologist or get a very sexy bra from Victoria Secret. Do what makes you feel better.

You should feel 100% good about yourself. That means getting to the root of the problem. Do not have surgery on your body when it is your mind frame that needs to change. Find positive things about yourself to premier while you work on the imperfections. If you cannot think of anything you like about yourself you are going to have to first change your way of thinking. You are being negative and judgmental. This way of thinking is unproductive and will not allow you to enjoy yourself.

No complaining, no excuses and no blaming others. Know what is good about you and what you are willing to adjust. Give serious thought and come up with a plan for how to make the necessary changes. Next take action with the idea that you are preparing yourself for a successful future where you love yourself and you love your life.

You may not be perfect in anyone else’s definition of the word but if you feel perfect and confident about yourself that is all that matters. Once you have identified your weaknesses, whether they are mental, physical or emotional, decide if and how you can strengthen them. Put together your Extreme Dream Team and give yourself a makeover. Find a Dentist, Therapist and Personal Trainer. Once that is done you have made the rest of you match the best of you inside and out, so it should all work out fine.

Making adjustments…Now That’s Presidential!