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Presidential Lifestyle Press Release: What started as a Blog is now a Book….




I’m excited to share with you that I’ve published my first book! “The Art of Starting Over: A 30 Day guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life.”

The book is now available on, and iBooks. “LIKE” and share my fan page with friends for more info about the book, life success tips, and upcoming appearances.
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Are You Afraid You Will Never Be Happy?

Many Americans are afraid they won’t ever be happy,” says Kiné Corder, author of the newly released book, “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life.”  She explains, “The United States doesn’t even rank in the Top 50 countries on the Happy Planet Index (HPI).  According to the HPI in 2009, we ranked 114 out of 178 countries.  However, the good news is we do rank 15, in the 2010 Gallup Poll as hopeful for happiness in the future.  And, in an effort to find that happiness, most Americans change careers three to five times in a lifetime.”  It seems we’re not necessarily afraid to start over, we just don’t know how.

“The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life,” by Chicago native, Kiné (pronounced Ke-nay, and oh, she only uses her first name) is the formula to solve the problem of successfully starting over, so that you’re pleased with the outcome.  In the past 20 years, her career has shifted from Television Production to Barber Stylist to Spokesperson for ABC-TV’s Extreme Makeover to licensed Financial Advisor and Lifestyle Consultant to celebrities, executives and politicians, and now, Author.  Guided by her mentor, Chris Gardner, CEO of Gardner Rich, LLC and author of the book, the Pursuit of Happyness, later made into a movie starring Will Smith, who told her, “When the sun can’t come up fast enough for you to get back to work you know it makes you happy,” Kiné realized what makes her most happy is helping other people find their happiness.  Her many incarnations and experience coaching a diverse group of clients facilitated her in creating the content for this unique 30-day guide. “Chances are you’re not happy because you’re doing the same thing, expecting a different result,” says author, Kiné.  “So, why don’t you stop, forget your past mistakes, and decide to start over new.  Create your perfect day, and then, do it again, and again, and again.”  It sounds simple and it is, if you follow the formula for finding your perfect lifestyle in “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life,”.

The book, “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life,” was released on September 5, 2012, and is available at,, or ask your local bookstore to order it for you. 

Learn more about Kiné at , Facebook at ,  Twitter @AuthorKine or email her at

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Gentle Soft Girl Looking Down

Do you know that when you speak ill of someone you not only hurt their feelings but you send negative energy into the universe and block their blessings. You have power over your neighbor’s life.  You can speak negatively or positively about the people around you.  Just remember what goes around comes around and what you do comes back to you.

Focus on yourself what you are doing and what you will do next. Love yourself and speak positive energy into your life. When someone angers you don’t take it personally. Letting it go is more powerful than reacting to it. When you are envious of someone let that fuel your energy

to do your best. Do not speak ill of them or wish bad fortune on them. Be proud of them and let their success motivate you.

Be committed to peace and blessings. When you practice this you will see more peace and blessings show up in your life. Make a promise to yourself and the people around you that you will not harm them with the words that come out of your mouth. In fact, don’t even think the thoughts.  Be a beacon of positive thoughts, words and actions. Only speak those things that are true, honest, pure and of good rapport.

Knowing your power…Now That’s Presidential!


There are people who have a hard time excepting whom they are and where they are in life. This insecurity forces them to pretend and even lie. They will lie to you and themselves.  You may see their potential but as long as they are pretending to be something they are not they will never reach it.

When you look past the dishonesty and acts they put up, there may be a truly great person buried underneath the mask. You cannot and will not change them. They must be willing to give up the pretence that keeps them from evolving.

Fake people will spend all their money keeping up appearances. They will attempt to fool you into buying into their act.  They will try to out do you and will be envious of your success. They will lie to you about their success and it will be impossible to get to know the real them. They take the idea of “fake it until you make it” too far. If you fake it too long chances are you will never really make it. Nobody likes a fake and most people know it when they see it.

Look pass the surface and see the real person. If they don’t bring anything to the table be it; love, creativity, money, resources or support let them go. Fakes take and are as dangerous as a snake because they will do anything to keep up their facade. Everything that glitters is not gold.

Knowing what’s real…Now That’s Presidential!


Last week we talked about unconditional love and how it could make you feel free when you give it away freely. Unconditional does not mean self-sacrifice. You cannot make someone love you.  If they are capable of taking form you without reciprocating eventually they will drain you dry.  When that happens they will not have a need for you anymore.

If you give someone the shirt off of your back the problem still exists. There is still someone without a shirt and at this point that someone is you. When you give the shirt off of your back have a plan as to how you will get another one. Otherwise, you did not solve anything, you just shifted the problem. The real solution would be to figure out how both of you can have a shirt.

Have you ever listened to the safety announcement on the airplane? They suggest that you put on your oxygen mask first before assisting others. If you do not do it in that order you could end up losing consciousness before you are able to be of service.

Be smart about it. There are times when you will have to sacrifice yourself or put yourself in harm’s way to rescue another. That is an exception and should not be the norm.  Ask yourself how will you take care of everyone who is counting on you if you have nothing left to give? You cannot help the less fortunate if you are one of them. Be strong, build yourself up and find ways to help others that will not bring you down. This way you will be around to help for many years to come.

Releasing the weight of the world…Now That’s Presidential!


Author: Bagande

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever loved in a way that made you feel calm? Have you ever been loved by someone and it made you fell like you didn’t deserve it? They didn’t have any expectations of you and they loved you despite who you were or who you were not. Have you loved without the worry of being loved back, without ultimatums? Have you given your all without negotiation? If so, you have truly experienced love.

We play it safe and love weak because we do not want to get hurt. In order to protect ourselves we put up walls and rules and we pretend we have given our all. While we are protecting ourselves from hurt we are also preventing ourselves from truly experiencing love at its highest level.

When you are waiting on reciprocity and stating “what have you done for me lately” you do not love freely. If you are concerned with what’s in it for you the only love you have experienced is loving yourself.

Loving yourself is not a bad thing. You have to first love yourself to understand how to love others and how you would like to be loved. Start there but slowly allow your heart to separate from your mind. When you separate from your mind you are free of expectations.  Love is not a thought it is a series of actions that never stop. Try giving your love away for free and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You will be surprised what you get in return. When you meet deserving people let your love pour over them like wine. Don’t just pour out cups, pour out gallons of love. Allow them to become drunk with your passion. You will not regret it because if you truly gave your love freely you have reached the goal of unconditional love.

Now that you know what it feels like to really love…try it!

Love without limits…Now That’s Presidential!