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What are you willing to do to get it?





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Get paid to get fit


I am taking the 90 day fitness challenge.

I’m getting paid to hit my fitness goal and I want you to do it with me.

Watch this video and tell me you want to do it with me…


Email me your number and I will call you to show you how to get started.


Keep the best of you do the rest of you

Pile of gorgeous gifts

We all have gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all have gifts we just need to find the few things that are broken about us and fix them. Some people have love but no money. Others have money but no love. Many people are pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. There are those who have power but people don’t like them. Some people are shy to speak but have an incredible message. We all have talents, gifts, blessings and features that stand out. Sometimes those features stand out in a good way and sometimes they stand out in a way we don’t enjoy, those are our insecurities. Insecurities can make us or break us so we have to gain control over them. We have the option to accept them or change them.

We should use the talents we have to their fullest, but that doesn’t tell us what to do with our weaknesses. You should first try to strengthen your weaknesses but ultimately you should put your energy toward delegating those weaknesses.

Think about the things you are uncomfortable with, the things you cover up or complain about. Are there ways you can improve those things? Then why don’t you. If you don’t like your grammar take a speech class, if you are overweight change your eating habits and workout, if cosmetic dentistry is the answer ask your dentist for advice. Color your hair, getInvisalign to straighten your teeth, go to the dermatologist or get a very sexy bra from Victoria Secret. Do what makes you feel better.

You should feel 100% good about yourself. That means getting to the root of the problem. Do not have surgery on your body when it is your mind frame that needs to change. Find positive things about yourself to premier while you work on the imperfections. If you cannot think of anything you like about yourself you are going to have to first change your way of thinking. You are being negative and judgmental. This way of thinking is unproductive and will not allow you to enjoy yourself.

No complaining, no excuses and no blaming others. Know what is good about you and what you are willing to adjust. Give serious thought and come up with a plan for how to make the necessary changes. Next take action with the idea that you are preparing yourself for a successful future where you love yourself and you love your life.

You may not be perfect in anyone else’s definition of the word but if you feel perfect and confident about yourself that is all that matters. Once you have identified your weaknesses, whether they are mental, physical or emotional, decide if and how you can strengthen them. Put together your Extreme Dream Team and give yourself a makeover. Find a Dentist, Therapist and Personal Trainer. Once that is done you have made the rest of you match the best of you inside and out, so it should all work out fine.

Making adjustments…Now That’s Presidential!


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When the weatherman says there is a chance that the temperature may drop, do you carry a coat that day? Do you always have an umbrella in the car just in case it rains? Then you understand planning for the worst. The sun may shine all day long, but in the event it becomes cloudy and begins to rain you are ready. You were prepared so the change in weather won’t affect your day.

When you are prepared for what may happen you are able to get through it faster and more comfortably. Do not let planning for the worst make you so cautious that it stifles you. Go into any situation with a plan for the worst possibility, but still go.

Know the consequences and the possibilities before you begin. Know the cause and effect and be ready to adjust as needed to see your goals all the way through. Be optimistic with a plan for whatever may come your way. You will enjoy life and your business more when you are not stressed by unexpected circumstances. The best way to counter it is to simply expect them.

Preparation…Now That’s Presidential!


When you are trying to make an impression you have to look like you can do the job. If you want to be a health and fitness instructor it helps to look healthy and fit. If you say you are the world’s best hairstylist having beautiful bouncing and behaving hair can help get you new clients. The way you dress is part of your presentation. You may know the right words to say but we are judged in the first five seconds we meet someone and that is usually before we have had a chance to even say hello.

People want to do business with and hang around sharp people. Put on the costume for the part you want to play in life. Doctors wear scrubs, lawyers wear suits and construction contractors wear hard hats. What uniform should you wear to make you look more official? If you want to play the role you have to fit the costume.

Become the character you want to be by acting and dressing the part first. Get use to the wardrobe and wear it well. If your job calls for a cheerful smile wear one every day. If you should be relaxed than create that mood for your clients. Add the elements you need to give an experience that says you are who you say you are. The mission is to grab them the minute they walk in your door or you walk into their door. Even if you are not there yet get dressed and be ready. When you dress the part you get the part.

Great first impressions…Now That’s Presidential!


Weaving Project in Progress

You do not have to be rich to live the Presidential Lifestyle. You may need to be patient and creative to think of ways to have rich experiences in an affordable way but if you add a little diversity you will see your experience go a long way. Since variety is the spice of life it is important to season your life with all kinds of experiences. You may think you see what is happening in another culture but it is a far better view when you become an active part of the process. When you learn why people do what they do you can understand it better and maybe even use it in your own life from time-to-time.

Try things like vacationing in different countries, make friends with someone of a different ethnic background, see what a particular religious ceremony is like or attend an event that you normally would not. Have fun, go wild and get out of your comfortable box. You are unique and bring diversification to a group. Join a group that is different from you and experience the differences in life.

You can read an article, listen to a story or make assumptions but you will never really know life’s possibilities until you become a part of the action. If you befriend different people, try ethnic foods, visit unfamiliar places and explore diverse events you will have a great story of your own to tell.

Your real life experiences can be better than any article you could read. There is nothing like being there. Start exploring and say yes to the things that are outside of your comfort zone. Take off of work, give up the fear, get out the house and create amazing memories. Being diverse can feel a little eccentric at first but it can turn out to be fun and rewarding. I promise you will feel a new sense of sophistication if you explore that which is different from you.

Being cosmopolitan…Now That’s Presidential!


My good friend told me about a television program he used to watch when he was a kid that encouraged self-esteem. While having a conversation he told me he likes to teach people what he learned as a kid through the famous last words at the end of every episode. The captain would say, “Be somebody important, be yourself.” The first time he said that I fell in love with that statement. It is amazing how powerful a few simple words can be.

Many of us go through life doing what our friends do, what celebrities do, what our parents do or what society tells us to do. They never stop to think about what they really want to do or what actually makes them happy. If you keep doing what others are doing eventually you will tire out and you will have little energy left to discover what’s missing in your life. When that happens you will be forced to find a second wind and get busy working on being yourself.

There is nobody more important than you. Get to know yourself so that you can get to be yourself. There is nobody in the world like you. People want to know you, so let them be blessed with the power you possess. You are beautiful, powerful, and unstoppable. You are a VIP!

Knowing you are important…Now That’s Presidential!