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The last day of the old you

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What are you thinking about for 2013.

For the last 2 years we have prepared together for the New Year. All year long we work to stay on task, meet our goals and work toward our Presidential Lifestyle. This year we will continue to mark the beginning of the year as a time to adjust, recalculate and raise our expectations of ourselves.

If last year was easy then turn it up a notch. If it seemed really difficult reroute yourself and if you feel that you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to, check your goals; are they really yours or are you trying to impress someone else.

Tomorrow you will stop doing 2012 task and begin 2013. These tasks may be a continuation of 2012 for you or it may be the start of a new chapter in your life or may even be a whole new book. Either way the attention you give yourself in the next few days will give you the momentum you need to keep a steady flow throughout the year. As I always say it is not about keeping up with others or impressing them. It is about identifying what is important to you. Knowing that your list of priorities can change begin thinking about what’s most important to you at this stage in your life and get ready to execute in the New Year.

Don’t worry about getting pumped up because that bubble will deflate and you will disappoint yourself. The New Year is about evolving and on January 3 we will have our 2013 Resolution, Evolution and Goal blog post. This post will help you choose something to give up, choose something to add and set your sights on your next accomplishments. We will also choose out theme songs as we do each year.

Give up any erroneous, self-defeating thinking you may have had in 2012 and begin your new 2013 way of thinking. I will have no excuses in 2013 if it did not happen it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. What will you do differently? Is there a characteristic about yourself that you know you need to change? Are you too focused on sex, too focused on money, too focused on pleasing others, too focused on being secretive or simply too lazy? Start over today. You no longer have to live this way if it is not helping you get to your Presidential Lifestyle.

Do not focus on who you do not want to be, stay focused on who are becoming. It doesn’t matter who you have been in the past and it certainly doesn’t matter who you thought you would be. All there is now is who you are evolving into. Whether that is bold, strong, meek, fearless, tenacious, friendly or a good listener you should prepare your mind right now for this new you.

Be clear about what you are doing right now and what is going on around you right now and determine how you fit in. You cannot predict the future and you cannot change the past but you can see the present with clarity.

Improving you…Now That’s Presidential!



Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. We have all made mistakes in our lives but as Jay-Z once told me, “If you learn from them they are not mistakes they are experience.” He was only about 28 when he told me that but he was already very wise.

When you know when to do what and what to do when you are in a unique position to make a wise decision that can help you reach your goals. Learning from your past experiences is a good way to do this. Nobody plans to fail and nobody knows when you are going to have an experience that sets you back. However, once you have learned it is important to use that wisdom in the future. It is easy to know what to do and much harder to actually do it. When you are committed to staying on top you have to do the wise thing no matter how difficult.

Wisdom is hard to come by because you often have to be foolish before you are wise. You can watch someone else and advise them on what to do but when it is happening to you it looks very different and your emotions can get in the way. When you make bad or foolish decisions it can make you fearful and insecure. You begin to distrust yourself. Do not let this happen. Let it be a lesson and utilize it in your decision making process in the future. With proper planning you can acquire the things you desire.

Knowing and Growing…Now That’s Presidential!


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On a cold winter day light a fire and enjoy a hot stone massage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Successful people work. In fact, for most successful people, working hard is probably more comfortable than relaxing. They know that working harder and smarter is the best way to get to your goal. Some successful people forget to reward themselves for all their hard work. You have to do things that make you happy, keep you mentally and emotionally motivated and make you feel good.

In my book, The Art of Starting Over, I suggest that you have a working list of things you like. This list should include ways that you can enjoy yourself. For example on my list I have things like buying shoes, traveling, playing tennis, going to the movies, getting a hot stone massage and my favorite educating my nieces and nephews in a fun way.

As you think of things you like add them to your list. When it is time for you to pamper yourself you don’t have to think about it or be creative. You can go right to your list and choose an activity. Go shopping, get a massage, play tennis, spoil your children, take a trip or whatever you deserve. You know how hard you work; give yourself something to smile about.

It is your reward so do what makes you happy. Remember even small accomplishments deserve rewards. And if you are wondering when to pamper yourself, try this. If you constantly and consistently work hard daily, make time to pamper yourself once a month. Another way you could do it is to set milestones and reward yourself when you hit them. Whether it is landing a big client, finishing a lengthy project, keeping your promise to your spouse or helping your child win the science fair, do something that will put a smile on your face and keep it there until the next pamper day.

Knowing what make you happy…Now That’s Presidential!

Give the gift of Power, Peace and Pleasure this season!

Give the gift of Power, Peace and Pleasure this season!

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Happy Holidays!


Your life is ever changing. Whether you are an active part of that change is up to you. The person you are evolving into can be better than the person you are now if you put forth a little effort by learning from your mistakes, enjoying your accomplishments and planning for what is next.

These are a few principles outlined in my book, The Art of Starting Over.  I walk you through a step by step plan that can become your blue print for life. There is a chapter on self-evaluation when you really get down to the bottom of who you are. You ask yourself if that is who you really want to be and depending on the answer you will determine what to do next. The book is an interactive guide that allows you to see where you are, discover where you want to be and bridge the gap between the two.

Take advantage of all your opportunities and never stop rewarding yourself for your accomplishments, no matter how small. While you are reading, The Art of Starting Over, you will gain valuable information that will help you evolve more comfortably. Change can be uncomfortable, but it is inevitable. That is why you have to tap into the art of adjusting. It is up to you whether it happens actively or passively. Don’t you want to decide who you want to be?

Just because you have been one way all your life does not mean you have to be that way for the rest of your life. You can change as often as you like, by answering the questions in the book you co-write your blue print for starting over. Once you have done it once you can do it again and again until you create your perfect lifestyle.  When you get it stick as closely to it as you can. Take pleasure in who you become.

Evolution…Now That’s Presidential!


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When the weatherman says there is a chance that the temperature may drop, do you carry a coat that day? Do you always have an umbrella in the car just in case it rains? Then you understand planning for the worst. The sun may shine all day long, but in the event it becomes cloudy and begins to rain you are ready. You were prepared so the change in weather won’t affect your day.

When you are prepared for what may happen you are able to get through it faster and more comfortably. Do not let planning for the worst make you so cautious that it stifles you. Go into any situation with a plan for the worst possibility, but still go.

Know the consequences and the possibilities before you begin. Know the cause and effect and be ready to adjust as needed to see your goals all the way through. Be optimistic with a plan for whatever may come your way. You will enjoy life and your business more when you are not stressed by unexpected circumstances. The best way to counter it is to simply expect them.

Preparation…Now That’s Presidential!