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Join the Maximize Your Life Call

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Why pursue happiness when creating peace is much more satisfying?

 Atlanta, April 25, 2013. On Sunday, May 5th and every first Sunday of the month Author, Kiné Corder will host the Maximize Your Life Call, a lifestyle consulting strategy session that will help listeners determine where they are, discover where they want to be and give them the tools to bridge the gap between the two. In her book, “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life, Kiné explains that you should focus on creating peace versus pursuing happiness. “If peace and happiness were to go into battle, peace would surely win.” “The reality is happiness is fleeting and the pursuit of it will leave you uneasy, says Kiné.

During the Ask Kiné segment of the call you will hear Kiné answer real life questions live. She will give direction on how to navigate career changes, address relationship challenges and most importantly how to create a life of clarity, focus and meaning. People who purchased the Maximize Your Life Kit say they learned to utilize the power they had inside of them, to deepen their spiritual connection and to discover answers to their unique life situations. The Maximize Your Life Call is a continuation to those lessons. Most people pursue happiness even though they have no idea what happiness is or how to get it. Society teaches that happiness is something that will one day just happen after you have acquired enough material possessions or have falling in love. Peace is when the things you want are the things you have and you can maximize your peace by getting the most out of what’s right in front of you. Joining the Maximize Your Life Call is the best way to learn how to begin getting the most out of life. When you combine the book, the kit and the complementary consultation session it truly is the last self-empowerment lesson you will ever need. The book, “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life,” is available at, or ask your local bookstore to order it for you. The Maximize Your Life Kit is available on  Learn more about Kiné at,, or on Twitter @AuthorKine.

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What will people say?

In a perfect world how you see yourself is how others will see you, but this is not always what happens in the real world. Sometimes, we think of ourselves one way while others see use differently. We often get so caught up in what people will say that we can’t be ourselves. Which is more important to you how you see yourself, how others see you or that they both match.

If the way others see you is most important you may be tempted to people please and adjust your values. If it is more important to you how you see yourself you may be tempted to be selfish and arrogant. When creating your persona or character you should consider what others will think of you, especially if those people affect your life; like a spouse or boss. On the other hand, you also have to consider what makes you happy and as long as those decisions don’t hurt anyone, especially your love ones, everyone should be fine.

The first thing you should think about if you have not already is what words do you want people to use to describe you when you are not in the room. What feeling do you want them to feel when you leave the room? Do you want to be multi-talented or a specialist, easy going or high strung, good listener or talkative, life of the party or wallflower. If you want to be known as helpful then initiate assistance to others. If you want the title of friendly say hello and start genuine conversations. If anti-social is what you are going for then turn down invitations and stay to yourself. If you give some thought to the idea you want to leave people with first and purposely act according to these characteristics then you and your network will have the same perception.

Later you can determine if this is right for your life and your goals or if you need to adjust. Right now focus on exercising control over your reputation and self-esteem. If you get it right the first time you can adjust it as needed because you now have the recipe, you just have to change the ingredients.

When being you becomes easy…Now That’s Presidential!

Keep the best of you do the rest of you

Pile of gorgeous gifts

We all have gifts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all have gifts we just need to find the few things that are broken about us and fix them. Some people have love but no money. Others have money but no love. Many people are pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside. There are those who have power but people don’t like them. Some people are shy to speak but have an incredible message. We all have talents, gifts, blessings and features that stand out. Sometimes those features stand out in a good way and sometimes they stand out in a way we don’t enjoy, those are our insecurities. Insecurities can make us or break us so we have to gain control over them. We have the option to accept them or change them.

We should use the talents we have to their fullest, but that doesn’t tell us what to do with our weaknesses. You should first try to strengthen your weaknesses but ultimately you should put your energy toward delegating those weaknesses.

Think about the things you are uncomfortable with, the things you cover up or complain about. Are there ways you can improve those things? Then why don’t you. If you don’t like your grammar take a speech class, if you are overweight change your eating habits and workout, if cosmetic dentistry is the answer ask your dentist for advice. Color your hair, getInvisalign to straighten your teeth, go to the dermatologist or get a very sexy bra from Victoria Secret. Do what makes you feel better.

You should feel 100% good about yourself. That means getting to the root of the problem. Do not have surgery on your body when it is your mind frame that needs to change. Find positive things about yourself to premier while you work on the imperfections. If you cannot think of anything you like about yourself you are going to have to first change your way of thinking. You are being negative and judgmental. This way of thinking is unproductive and will not allow you to enjoy yourself.

No complaining, no excuses and no blaming others. Know what is good about you and what you are willing to adjust. Give serious thought and come up with a plan for how to make the necessary changes. Next take action with the idea that you are preparing yourself for a successful future where you love yourself and you love your life.

You may not be perfect in anyone else’s definition of the word but if you feel perfect and confident about yourself that is all that matters. Once you have identified your weaknesses, whether they are mental, physical or emotional, decide if and how you can strengthen them. Put together your Extreme Dream Team and give yourself a makeover. Find a Dentist, Therapist and Personal Trainer. Once that is done you have made the rest of you match the best of you inside and out, so it should all work out fine.

Making adjustments…Now That’s Presidential!

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Maximize your life

ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism

ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)

There are more people who regret not taking risks than there are those who regret taking them. A good calculated risk can propel you forward and boost your confidence in your future. A missed opportunity can keep you stagnated and discouraged. You have to be ready for the possibility of success or failure so hedging your risk can help break the fall if there is one. When you are cautious, research the possibilities and prepare for the worst, risk is not so scary.

It may take preparation and calculation to alleviate the stress but the pre-work is worth it if it creates peace of mind. There are levels of risk and applying the right level of risk will keep you save in the face of uncertainty.

Maximizing your life does not mean supersize your life. Maximize means get the most out of everything you do and every opportunity that comes to you. You don’t have to show off, brag or parade your blessings. You do have to appreciate, utilize and share them. If you do this you will multiply your blessings on multiple levels.

When you give of yourself you get back more than you can imagine. When you vocalize your needs you get what you ask for. When you listen to the right voice inside of you, you minimize the risk. No matter what happens you will feel good about your life because you weren’t afraid.

If you don’t have a bucket list create one and begin to check things off. You don’t have to do it all this year just make sure you get them done soon. We never know when we are going to kick the bucket so check things off as soon as you can.

Be daring, courageous and enthusiastic. Get out of life all that you can. There is nothing stopping you.

Adventure…Now That’s Presidential!

Don’t nobody bring me no bad news

News Time

News Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The local news is nothing but back to back sad stories about killings and tragedy. The national news reports on economic failure and divisiveness. The global news is the worst with stories of war and poverty. And if that isn’t enough the phone is ringing and the caller id says it’s your friend, you know the one who has never had a good day in their life. So you know it is more bad news!

At some point you have to shut it all off and say “don’t nobody bring me no bad news.” Too much negativity will drain the life out of you and turn you into a cynical, fearful person. If you cannot completely shut it out try your best to find a way to minimize it and find a way to detox so that you are not holding on to it. Clear your head with soothing music, a glass of wine or shot of lemon grass, get in a comfortable spot and think constructive thoughts that will take you to your happy place.

Turn off the television and the radio or tune into more rewarding, informative programming. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing on the television or radio that is positive. However, these days you have more choices with cable, Netflex, satellite, internet radio and more. Search for something that interest you and tune in regularly. If you can’t get away from bad news completely, at least counter the bad news with some good, fulfilling news.

You should get your family and friends involved so that you can really be successful. For example: tell your children that they are not allowed to whine or complain between the hours of 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Don’t answer the phone or if you do tell your bad news friends that you have run out of bad news space and when you have more you will call them back. (Don’t be insensitive) You may not be able to pull this off every day because some complaints are legitimate and some bad news is time sensitive.  I am not suggesting you become numb and uncompassionate. I am suggesting that you keep your spirit clear to receive the good you deserve.

Remember the bad news refers to you too, so don’t you bring yourself or others any bad news either. As much as possible refrain from gossiping, complaining, and spreading pessimistic energy.  Everything will be ok because you will make it that way. And you will instruct the world around you to keep it that way.

Good news…Now That’s Presidential!