Don’t nobody bring me no bad news

News Time

News Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The local news is nothing but back to back sad stories about killings and tragedy. The national news reports on economic failure and divisiveness. The global news is the worst with stories of war and poverty. And if that isn’t enough the phone is ringing and the caller id says it’s your friend, you know the one who has never had a good day in their life. So you know it is more bad news!

At some point you have to shut it all off and say “don’t nobody bring me no bad news.” Too much negativity will drain the life out of you and turn you into a cynical, fearful person. If you cannot completely shut it out try your best to find a way to minimize it and find a way to detox so that you are not holding on to it. Clear your head with soothing music, a glass of wine or shot of lemon grass, get in a comfortable spot and think constructive thoughts that will take you to your happy place.

Turn off the television and the radio or tune into more rewarding, informative programming. Sometimes it seems that there is nothing on the television or radio that is positive. However, these days you have more choices with cable, Netflex, satellite, internet radio and more. Search for something that interest you and tune in regularly. If you can’t get away from bad news completely, at least counter the bad news with some good, fulfilling news.

You should get your family and friends involved so that you can really be successful. For example: tell your children that they are not allowed to whine or complain between the hours of 7:00pm – 9:00pm. Don’t answer the phone or if you do tell your bad news friends that you have run out of bad news space and when you have more you will call them back. (Don’t be insensitive) You may not be able to pull this off every day because some complaints are legitimate and some bad news is time sensitive.  I am not suggesting you become numb and uncompassionate. I am suggesting that you keep your spirit clear to receive the good you deserve.

Remember the bad news refers to you too, so don’t you bring yourself or others any bad news either. As much as possible refrain from gossiping, complaining, and spreading pessimistic energy.  Everything will be ok because you will make it that way. And you will instruct the world around you to keep it that way.

Good news…Now That’s Presidential!


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