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Beauty isn’t always about how you look or what you wear.  Beauty isn’t about lipsticks and shadows.  Beauty is made of what’s inside of you.  How do you know you are beautiful; When you wear confidence like makeup.  When you value yourself more than you value things.  When you feel good inspite of your circumstances.  The real truth about beauty is knowing who you are.  Beauty is when you turn heads when you enter the room without parting your lips.  Beauty looks at the heart and works inside out.  Beauty isn’t loud or an attention seeker, beauty gentle introduces itself like a perfect stranger.  Beauty can only be pure.  It feels like a warm Summer night and it smells like fresh flowers.  Beauty is a new chapter waiting for a perfect ending.  Beauty is simply love; loving yourself enough to say YES!

Although beauty vies for its own standard, its contender is the beast.  The beast is beauty’s contrast.  It is often mistaken for the beauty by its inability to reach its full potential.  Often the beast deceives the spirit of beauty within and appears self-confident and secure.  The foundation of the beast breeds negative thoughts and words that come from a place that is not loved.  Its representatives are envy, negativity, self-hatred and enmity.  Beauty’s opponent the beast, can eliminate the highlights of a beautiful life. The beast robs beauty from its genuineness.  It maximizes the blemishes and conceals the truth.  While the beast within waits for the perfect moment to surface, if real beauty prevails it cannot show up first.  The beast cannot and will not win if the beauty in you is authentic.   When we yield our lives to love and the beauty surrounding us, beauty can only exist and the beast dies.  Therefore, the content above is not a fairytale, but a realistic journey called life so choose BEAUTY!!

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Every year between January and April there is always a buzz in the air about tax refunds. Many Americans look forward to them and plan a portion of their lives around this refund. It’s almost like a Christmas present to pay for the Christmas presents you bought last year.
What happens if you don’t get a refund? Wealthy people usually don’t. What happens if you owe every year? Wealthy people usually do. And more importantly, what if you haven’t been saving for this April 15th Christmas present that you owe the IRS? (April 17th this year).
The first thing to remember is, don’t try to sweep your tax payment under the rug because there is not a rug big enough to hide it from the IRS. This could turn out to be an expensive mistake. There will be penalties, interest and if you owe in the future you are just making it harder to pay your future tax bills.
There are some steps you should take whether you have the money to pay or not. First, you really need to know what you owe in order to make a decision on how to pay it. You can file your taxes and once you have that figure you can then request to pay in installments. Use IRS Form 9465 – Installment Agreement Request to apply for an installment deal. (Ask your accountant for help.) Don’t wait and try to come up with the money first before you ask for an Installment Agreement because the amount will continue to rise. Penalties and interest will add up every month you are late.
Your second option is to file for an automatic extension until October 15th. This will give you the option to defer filing your previous year tax return until later in the year. This may give you time to pull together all the documents you need as well as the money. However, there is one catch. Just because you file for an extension doesn’t mean you do not have to estimate your tax liability or that you won’t accrue interest and penalties.
If you take action you can save money and the headache of a possible audit. Please read form 4868 for all the details on filing an extension, interest and penalties. This post is just to give you a general idea of what is to come. Do your own personal research to confirm your situation. Call or email me and I can help or refer to you to someone who can assist you.
If you do nothing you run the risk of getting hit with a penalty and interest payment. Why pay more when all it takes is a trip to your financial professional’s office to get a one page form if you are filing an extension or you could do it online at Look at it this way; if you had a traditional job taxes would have been taken out of your check every month. When you are self-employed you control when your takes are taken. So use your power wisely.
In the past I have charged a portion of it on my American Express and paid it off the next month. I am not suggesting you pay more interest than the IRS is going to charge you. I am suggesting that if you know you have more money coming in soon a credit card may help you stretch your time frame. Especially if the current interest rate on your credit card is lower than the fees the IRS will charge you.
There are a few ways you can pay your tax bill. As mentioned earlier you can ask for an installment agreement. You can also pay estimated taxes throughout the year so when you do file your taxes you will have a lower tax bill or maybe even a refund depending on your situation. If you file an extension you can also file for an installment agreement if you still don’t have the money.
It takes a little extra planning and saving but it’s your money so you should have a plan for managing it anyway. Paying taxes is part of money management. There is no way to get out of paying taxes but nobody wants to pay more than their fair share. Wealthy people have financial advisors and accountants to insure they never do. So make sure you are getting all the deductions, credits and write-offs that you deserve. And stay ahead of the deadlines. Get a team of financial professionals on your side so you can file your taxes like the wealthy.
Getting a refund can feel good but keep in mind that means you gave the IRS a loan all year and they didn’t pay you interest. If you think about it you could have kept that money for yourself and done something productive with it. Either way, be responsible with your refund and with your money over all. Save, Invest and Enjoy your money.
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Have you ever found yourself blame shifting or finger pointing when trying to get to the root of the problem or discover why things are not the way you think they should be? Do you find the answer? What or who is the problem and what do you think is the solution?

It is easy to say things like; the devil made me do it, my friends don’t support me, my manager is unfair, my clients don’t listen or why is God doing this to me. All these statements shift the blame off of you and onto someone else. You should be saying, “if it is to be, it is up to me.”  When you blame shift you give your power away.  All of these things could be perfectly true, but what are you going to do about it?

Evil will always be there to tempt you, managers will always be tough, not everyone in your life is going to support you and bad things are going to happen while you are on your path to success. What actions can you take to gain some control over the outcome? If you fail do you really want it to be because of someone else’s power over your life.

Take responsibility for being scared, lazy, ignorant, tired, confused, or whatever other thing that hold you back. Face it, you are the reason so own it and conquer it. The good news is the only thing you have control over is you. You can become brave, wise, strong and discerning. You can’t control clients, bosses, evil, God, or any outside forces. You can be successful when you identify what you have done wrong and work to correct it. Do not take the easy way out and blame others. Learn to correct yourself. We all falter and we must all do what it takes to prevail. When we do, we put ourselves in a position to eliminate the problem.

Ask for the power to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can and the wisdom to know the difference.

Being accountable…Now That’s Presidential!  

When it seems too easy you’re probably going down hill

Every part of your journey will not be rough. There will be times when it is smooth sailing. When the roads are straight and the wind is at your back. No matter what path you choose at some point you are going to go downhill. Not downhill in a bad way. Downhill in a take your feet off the pedals, coast and enjoy the ease for a change kind of way. What do you think about that?

Don’t get stuck thinking life is a constant uphill battle. Expect life to cut you a break and make it easy sometimes. Have you ever trained for a competition, rehearsed for a performance or memorized a speech? Have you ever given something your all and it turned out that you were a natural. You were good at it and you enjoyed it. That is a great feeling. It can happen again or it can happen to you for the first time. There is something out there that is just right for you and when you tap into it all will line up and you will flow. When this happens it means you are in the right place, at the right time and you are prepared.

They say luck is when opportunity meets preparation. You have been preparing your whole life for the moment when it all starts to come together and gets easy for you. Let it flow and keep up the momentum.

We are conditioned to expect things to be hard. Sometimes it is our blessing to have an easy time and to have everything go our way. You can be lucky, you can be blessed and you can be fortunate. Benefit from it, but don’t relax. Just because it is easy doesn’t mean you stop doing your best. Give 100% and let the downhill sprint propel you far into the future so you can get to your goal faster.


Gliding through life…Now That’s Presidential!

Don’t make assumptions

I’m sure you have heard the saying when you assume you make and ass of u and me. Most of the time assumptions are wrong or off because they are not based in fact. They are usually based on someone’s past experience. While it is good to use your past experience, as I mentioned in Say “I’m sorry” to yourself to correct your mistakes, often times, assumptions get you in trouble when trying to predict the present or future.

When you assume something, you make a decision about the way something is without enough facts or information to support the decision. It is okay to question and explore so that you are educated, but it is not okay to make up the outcome because you are over thinking the situation. Do not confuse assumptions with intuition. Intuition is from the spirit and assumptions come from the brain.

If you are judging a book by its cover you can be wrong in more ways than one. There are many things that appear good on the outside but have no substance on the inside. Just the same there are things that may seem plain on the outside but are full of life and abundance on the inside.

Do your research and educate yourself. When you make assumptions you are not being fair to anyone involved in the situation including yourself. When you make assumptions the potential for someone to get hurt is greater, and that someone could be you. From now on get the facts. Don’t react on your thoughts alone. Be quiet and still until you know what is real. Don’t assume, experience.


Living in truth…Now That’s Presidential!