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Spring break your way….with a Presidential touch

 There is nothing wrong with a spring break vacation right in the comfort of your own town. Spring is here and a great cure for winter blues. So go buy a pair of classic loafers (Ferragamo or for ladies ask Ra Hall the shoe expert) or a classy rain coat (Burberry or Marc Shale). I am not a big shopper but I love to buy great pieces at great prices. Doesn’t a great sale make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. After this winter any thing warm is welcomed.

Paris in the Spring time....

If your Presidential Lifestyle allows you to live like the rich and famous you will be spending spring break in Paris shopping at little french boutiques, eating at out-door cafe’s and enjoying a bordeaux with your foie gras.  If you like that kind of fancy fair.

If you don’t have the time, money or inclination to get to Paris and eat foie gras create your own Presidential Spring break. You can be as elaborate or as conservative as you like. The objective is to stay in budget, don’t stress yourself or your loved ones out and relax for a few days. Do not forget to have fun, do something new and if you can check off an item on your bucket list. Promise me that you will not fuse and complain this weekend. Just let it go and let it flow.

The Elysian Hotel & Spa

Here is my idea of a fun, relaxing, innovative weekend. Feel free to take some of my ideas and add your own to make it personal. First of all the start the weekend Thursday after work. Go from work straight to a hotel. If you have kids or a spouse you all should get a suite (instead of separate rooms). A suite will make you feel more Presidential and it’s about the same price. You can pick a hotel that isn’t full and negotiate if downtown is too much. Also, try hotels in the  suburb. My personal recommendations are in Chicago, the Elysian Hotel. This is my favorite hotel in the whole world, so far. In Los Angeles Le Parc or The Grafton. (These are the hotels ABC used for Extreme Makeover) In Atlanta the W Midtown or St. Regis. And in New York I like the Muse or the Paramont.

Don’t order room service unless that’s your favorite thing to do. I like to order from nearby restaurants that deliver. It’s usually cheaper and you have more choices. Ask the concierge desk for menus. The hotel often has movies that are still in theaters. This is a  treat because you can pay once for the whole family. (This beats buying everyone a ticket and it beats buying a boot leg movie.) Everyone should find a comfy spot on the bed and cuddle up. Remember no fusing. Enjoy show. 

The next day sleep in a little. If you awaken about 10am you will be just in time to get dressed and check out. Today, do something cultural. Take a tour of the city you are in our go to a museum. In Chicago I always enjoy The Museum of Science and Industry, but the view from the Sears (Willis) Tower Sky Deck is awesome. In Los Angeles I recommend the Hollywood walking tour.

Melt the stress away.

Don’t over do it. Just see a little and enjoy the town but don’t tire yourself out or stress yourself out. Tomorrow you should find a place for the children and make Saturday an adult day. Go to,, or and find a few deals on dining, spas and fitness.  I recommend a hot stone massage to pamper yourself. But you choice whatever makes you feel Presidential. Go to the gym or a fitness class first. Try hot yoga or Pilates or a spin class to sweat out your frustrations. Follow that up with a spa treatment. You better not start fusing or complaining, you promised, this is your break from the norm. Relax!

When the day is done it is time for a night on the town. Try dinner and drinks with friends, a private date or invite a few couples and make it a party. Indulge and go in a limo or rent a luxury car for the day. In Atlanta I recommend Prestige Luxury Rentals. In Chicago I recommend Chicago Livery for luxury limos. For dinner in Atlanta I like Seasons 52 for their wine selection and low-calorie, but great tasting, food. I also like Park’s Edge in the Inman Park area. In New York my Sister Ra (the shoe expert) recommends Gemma in the East Village. If you want to go out after dinner email me and I’ll give you some suggestions. Or if you are not in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles or New York. Email me ( your city and I will ask my partners in your city what they recommend. My network is your network, I’ll help you find a fun place to create your perfect lifestyle.

On Sunday you should do some spring cleaning but also enjoying your hobby. Whether it’s golf, tennis, gardening, shopping, reading or people watching. Go do it. Play some ball with your boys or work in your

Par for the course.....

yard. Whatever your hobby is enjoy it. It’s up to you whether you want to make it a family thing, an alone time or a friend connection. All are good choices just depends on what you need more of in your life at this time.

This weekend be light and airy. Try letting things go. It can be refreshing. You don’t have to prove that you are right all the time. Sometimes you can opt for just being happy for once in your life. Have a creative spring break with yourself, your friends and/or your family. I look forward to hearing the stories about how great it was. If you go to any of the places I suggested tell them Presidential Lifestyle sent you.

Nowing how to have fun no matter where you are…..Now that’s Presidential! 


Learning to Linger

I few weeks ago I was learning to be weak. I am learning because being weak is hard for me. It is easier for me to be strong than it is for me to be weak.
Another thing that is hard for me is lingering. I am always on my way to the next thing. I don’t saver, I don’t linger as much as I should. I eat fast, drive fast, leave fast, think fast and live fast. It is time for me to linger. It is time for me to hang on for minutes, hours and even days. Not going to slow day. I am just going to enjoy the big moments for longer than a moment. Just like with wine or cognac you let it linger.
I am going to be right here for a while. I am going to think or sleep or read or work or whatever I want to do longer. If it is good I want it to last. I am not going to jump to the next thing I am going to let it go on as long as it can. I am not going to be on my way to the next thing. I won’t be one foot out the door. I’ll be all in it.
I am going to linger….
I have learned that it can be attractive. Hmm…in that case I really like lingering.

How to have a PRESIDENTIAL weekend

Water cooler conversation

On monday morning the most frequently asked question is, “how was your weekend”. Too many times I have answered, “weeks end?” There are times when I can’t determine the beginning of the week from the end of the week because my projects last 10, 30 and even 45 days. When that happens I don’t get to do much more than work but when you enjoy your work it goes unnoticed.

Whether you are a work-a-holic or a lazy bum you want to have a good answer for that question. Having a good weekend can make it easier to go back to work on Monday. It can make your life a little happier and the people around you more tolerable. If you haven’t been having the best weekends I am going to give you a few ways to make sure you can be the envy of the office with your Presidential weekend.

First step you have to decide who you’re going to play with. Having the right people involved will make your experience better. When you are making this decision give some thought to what activities you have running through your mind and pick someone who can hang. If you are thinking lots of flirting and moving around, do not pick someone who is slow and insecure. If you are thinking educational and cultural, do not pick someone shallow.

Now that you got the person or people in mind the second thing you have to do is decide whether you are going to be spontaneous or if you are going to plan out the schedule. Either way you can have a ton of fun. Sometimes when you don’t plan your every move you run into some interesting characters and happenings. However, if there is a lot to do in a little time having a plan can help you get through them all. (Don’t put too much pressure on yourself though.)

The third thing you want to do is do some research. You can always consult your Lifestyle ConsultantKiné  Corder if you need ideas. Today, I will give you a few of my resources and let you know what I do when I am planning a weekend for clients. When I am researching what’s happening I like to use Urban Daddy if it is short notice. They have interesting new restaurant openings, special events, art shows and even sales. Metro Mix is also a good place if you want to see if there is excitement in your area.  I subscribe to Living Social and even if the deal isn’t right for me at the time I may buy it for a future client. There are always innovative businesses advertising everything from Hot Yoga to dinner for two.

There are a few other websites and resources I use. However, they are Presidential Lifestyle’s secret weapons so I can’t share them. I bet you if you get started with these you will enjoy your life a little more. When you are ready to take it to the next level and really start to tackle your BUCK LIST I will give you the key to the vault.

The fourth step to creating your Presidential weekend is to just do it. Don’t think about it too much. Get out there and do something new, fun, exciting, adventurous, different, playful or whatever makes you feel you are on top of the world.

The fifth and final step is to talk about it. Tell anybody who will listen. Talk about it for weeks and weeks. Add it to the collection of Presidential stories you are building. And while you are telling the stories feel every emotion all over again. I am so serious. So now the answer to the most frequently asked Monday morning question, “how was your weekend” is….Presidential! (don’t forget to smile while your saying it.)


Everything is just a plane ride away.Enjoy the night life.










Heat up the slopes.


Feel the breeze on your skin.






Enjoy the night life.


 Pictures courtesy of  Luxury Escape.
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Make sure your inner GPS is working.

Are you on track!

Does this sound familiar…? “YOU ARE NOW OFF TRACK!” If you have used GPS, you have heard this statement. As much as you hate to hear it, it can actually help. When the GPS detects that you have gone past your turn it will get your attention and help you get back on track. I like my GPS because it encourages me when I get back on the route. It will announce “YOU ARE NOW ON TRACK!”. It gives me a sense of accomplishment when I am able to stay in the lines and follow the GPS exactly the way it suggests.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a GPS for our life road map. Don’t you wish the voice could announce every time you got off track so that you could quickly get back on. Often times we are way out of the way before we realize we are off the path. Sometimes we have gotten so far off that we have to draw a whole new course. In GPS language this is called re-routing.

It would be so nice if the voice could instantly re-route us so that we could still get to our desired destination in the most time effective way. The best GPS systems even tell you when there is going to be traffic and will know whether there is construction. If you can avoid obstacles and take faster routes this would make life so much easier. I even rented a car that had a GPS system that told me that I could not park where I was trying to park because it was a service road. Yes it was very high-tech. I loved it.

I was so thankful for that GPS. It kept me out of trouble, it saved me money, saved me time and made me feel secure. Life doesn’t really come with a GPS but a lot of times we hear that small voice inside directing us. It is there we just don’t listen. We ignore it, we do not follow directions and then we regret it later. Make sure your inner GPS is working and make sure you listen to it. 

At the beginning of the year I sent out an ebook that I called the Self Business Plan. I have attached it. If you haven’t already downloaded it, do it now and use it to get your self on track. Refer back to it so that you will stay on track.

Know the way, go the way, show the way.

Self Business Plan

Download the ebook, feel free to share this link with your friends and let me know if you all need assistance Creating Your Perfect Lifestyle.

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Do you have the right stuff? “Create Your Perfect Lifestyle”

Can't live with it can't live with out it.

Technology does not scare me, in fact I appreciate it. However, sometime I hate having to learn something else. It seems like there is always something bigger, better, faster, smarter and just plain newer. It doesn’t seem like we learn all the ins and outs of the old thing before a new one is available. Sometime new and improved is right on time but other times it’s just a sales tactic.

It sounds like I am complaining but the truth is, technology can be your friend in many ways. I stay in touch with my long-lost friends, out-of-town friends and close associates using Facebook. I can see in real-time what some of the world, my best friends and some of my soon to be friends are doing on Twitter. (I connect with celebrities that I think would like me and Presidential Lifestyle.) It is the only place you can have a conversation with a celebrity you don’t know. And celebrities get to connect with their fans fast and easy. Using my blog I connect with clients, friends of friends, people across the global and colleagues. We can’t forget about Skype and webconferencing. I just had a consultation with a client in Denmark over Skype.

My favorite place to make phone calls is in the car in between meeting. (Yes I use an earpiece.) I love that you can send out one text message to 10 people at one time. Let’s say I want to tell the world about my latest invention I can upload a demo or a clip of me at a workshop on youtube or ustream. I’ll just stop now because I am sure you get the picture, however, I could go on and on.

I didn’t count but it doesn’t matter because there are so many ways that you can use technology in your life that I don’t think you can count that high. There are ways to do everything you want to do from keeping in touch with friends, doing business, prospecting, meeting new people, getting publicity, getting information and whatever else you need to do in the course of the day. The greatest part is it can be time effective, cost-effective and even free.

You know that Presidential is all about time and cost-effective ways to live. So when you are deciding what technology is right for you try the free stuff first. Once you utilize the free version you can decide if it’s something you need more of. If it is, upgrade to the paid version but only as you need to add services.

Having the right stuff can make you look bigger than you really are. For a small business owner that is invaluable. For an artist that could me the difference between getting discovered or not. And in some cases it can be the alternative to getting discovered. You can discover yourself and create a fan base with out the help of publicist and managers.

As a Lifestyle Consultant I encourage my clients to put systems in place that will help them get where they are going faster and easier. If you have the right technology you can make money faster, be the first to respond, learn more and enjoy life more. If you are reading this blog chances are you have already embraced the idea and I just want to encourage you to take it to the next level. Put all the technology you can in place to make you a better person. Use your phone, computer, the internet and any other device to help propel you into the next phase of your life.

Whatever you need is out there. Be careful and wise, don’t spend too much money but get what you need and make it work for you. Having the right stuff can make your personal and business life more fun, more efficient and more effective.

Are your actions distractions?

Peace, Quiet & Serenity....So we can hear.

I read something a few months ago by Dr. Robert Schuller that stuck with me. He said when the idea is not the best, when it’s not right, when it helps you but hurts someone else God will say “No!” When the time is not right God will take his time and wait until the time is right.

The most profound thing I remember him saying was wouldn’t it be a catastrophe if God answered every prayer at the snap of your finger. Then God would become your servant, not your master. Suddenly, God would be working for you instead of you working for God. God’s timing is perfect. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to. If you want it to happen sooner you are asking God to work for you.

No matter what your spiritual believes are you know that you were created for a reason. Most of us search the world over trying to find that reason. We go through life feeling voids and trying to become what God intended us to be. Some people give up and never get it, while others stick with it, grow and embrace their power. Sometimes our actions are distractions and we can’t see what is right in front of us.

Be clear and open to all that you are to learn. Pray first for clarity. This will help you make sure you are praying for the right things. While you are praying for clarity sacrifice something. I believe that suffering is over rated and that we cause our own suffering. However, sacrifice on the other hand is necessary. When you show the Universe that you are willing to work as hard as it does to bring into your life the things you desire the Universe will reward you.

Take care of yourself mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Be ready for the blessings that will come your way. If you pray for something and you are not ready you are going to block it. You are going to miss it. Your brain, heart, body or soul will not allow you to receive it. So while you are praying for the perfect job, lifestyle, mate, child, material possession, idea or whatever. Make sure you are in a position to openly and correctly receive it.

Opportunity may only knock once. If you are like me you are not even waiting for opportunity to knock you got the door open greeting opportunity on the porch asking ,”where have you been”. Saying, “come on, let’s get started”.

When you read poems and stories like Foot Prints and you hear how God is always with you remember that in your prayers. Stop praying for the same thing over and over. Tell God, and then put it out in the Universe by having the right attitude. Just say thank you and live like you got it.

And so it is…


They now have cake in heaven!

My God-Daughter Joselyn Billings, Granny Dorothy Wilburn, Mommy Denise Corder-Hall, Me Kine' Corder, Sister Calissa Corder


A month ago today I lost one of my best friends, my Grandmother Dorothy Wilburn. On the outside it seems that life has returned to its normal routine. The Sun continues to revolve around the Earth and the Earth is still spinning on its axes. However, my world seems to be a little off-center.

What use to be normal routine like let me call Granny and ask her if Beyoncé is pregnant or if Usher’s divorce is final, can’t happen anymore. That’s what I use to do to get my entertainment news, call Granny. Granny was connected. She use to joke that the entertainers called her to vent about their lives. Truth is she watched all the magazine shows so she knew in real-time what was happening in entertainment, when and where. Then, once we got her on the internet she knew Usher’s divorce was final before he did. Granny would know everything from whose album went platinum to who slept with who last. It was an ongoing joke between my friends and I that my Granny was going to take my place in the group.  

She was the sweetest and coolest old lady you ever wanted to meet. She use to come to all my performances and sing along to my songs. When we hung out she could always make me laugh. Granny took advantage of all the world had to offer.  At 85 she saw everything from The Great Depression, World War II, Computers, cell phones and Facebook. In fact Granny had a Facebook page, an email account, and a cell phone.

She saw so much of the world and she encouraged me to do the same. She was very hard-working and never complained when I worked long hours. She would just say “Kiné when you have time can you come over and help your Granny do something.” And I would say yes Granny I can come after work or I can come on the weekend and whatever I said it was always fine with her. The most amazing thing she would do is know exactly what food I had a taste for. Whenever I would come to her house it seemed like she could read my mind because without even telling her what I wanted she would have it ready when I got to her house. It was so amazing. I loved how she could do that. I pray I am that connected to my loved ones so that I can make them happy the way she made me happy.

The best decision I made this year so far was deciding not to go to a party and spend New Year’s Eve with my Granny. We would do that sometimes. We would watch New York, Chicago and then Los Angeles bring in the new year. And then she would tell me about parties she and my Grandfather use to go to and how much fun they use to have. It was great every time we did it. This year however she was in the hospital and she couldn’t stay awake to see all the celebrations but we didn’t care as long as we were together.

Today I learned that life goes on….and though it will never be the same, I will never forget the way it was. So you learn to cook like Granny and you share it with the world. You take the best of her, like how she let people be themselves and she never stopped learning. I pray she left me the power to be calm and easy-going.

I want to be light and lady-like and free like she was. I want to do nice things for people no matter what they do for me or who they are. I want to stop expecting people to be like me and just expect them to be their best. I don’t want to be afraid of love. I want to love so deep and so real and I want to let people love me the same way back. And most of all I want to have fun.

When Granny died they said she was trying to get out of the bed. I wonder where she was going. Do you think she was trying to meet God halfway? I bet she was…cause she was nice like that. Never wanted anyone to go out of their way for her. I bet she is baking God his favorite cake right now. And I know he is happier than he has ever been.

I’m so glad I got to know her.

Life goes on so don’t let it go on with out you. Make your mark. Be remembered and give of yourself with out expectations. Live and give.