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Elevate your mind and tell the Universe what you want

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Once you have set your Mission, Vision, Strategy and Tactic in place it is time to move to the next level. Many of you are familiar with this concept but for some it may be foreign. Even those who have done this before may not have done it quite this way.

The next step in the Life Business Plan process is, PRAY. Sounds strange that part of your plan would require prayer, I know, but it is a very important part of the process. In this prayer you are saying thank you and you are showing your gratitude. This will encourage you and speak your desires into existence.

You do not have to declare a religion or even be clear as to what God means in your life for you to pray. When you say this prayer you are acknowledging that you do not have complete control over what happens in the world. You are saying thank you because the Universe does not have to bless you. You are also giving the Universe direction because what you focus on expands so if you act with gratitude you will receive more blessings. At the same time you work on your attitude and when you change your attitude you are not only telling the Universe what to give you but you are telling yourself what you deserve.

Have a child like heart and pray for what you want but make sure the words reflect a prayer of thanksgiving. Say thank you as if you have already received many blessings and you are expecting more. Open your heart and mind to the possibility of prosperity. Be ready to receive all that you ask for.

Your prayer should be specific so dig deep and put out to the Universe what you expect to get back. Use your Mission, Vision, Strategy and Tactics to build the right prayer. Change it as many times as you can to get it right. Have more than one if you need to. I will give you one of my prayers and you can use it as a guide. It is special to me so if you are reading it please think positive so that its power can continue. The energy you put out is important for you and me. We all help each other when we have positive thoughts. Thank you in advance for your energy.

My prayer:

I want to thank you God for making me the happiest, wealthiest most influential speaker and author in the world. Thank you for allowing me to help 100 people build strong million dollar businesses. Thank you for helping me learn a second language so that I can continue to spread my message throughout America, Europe and Africa. I ask that you continue to invest in me God and I promise that I will continue to invest in your people. Also, if there is anyone out there who does not want their blessing please give it to me Lord I will accept it with great gratitude and use it wisely. I turn all stress and worry into motivation and zeal. And turn all distrust into acceptance. Thank you God and so it is.

Take the time right now to write your prayer. Put your heart into it. You can email it to me if you want me to pray with you and add more positive energy behind it. If you need more help let me know. You are ready for the next level.

Trusting the Universe….Now that’s Presidential!


God grant me the serenity to accept the

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I need, the courage to pursue the things I want and the wisdom to know the difference.
(Yes I did change the prayer of serenity to suit my lifestyle.)

How to get a Presidential Reputation!

     How important is social media to your life? Some people can’t live life with it while others can not live life without it. Social media is more Presidential than you think. It allows you to communicate with people you may not be able to get in touch with on land. It can make you appear that you are in two or three places at one time. If you have a reputation, want a reputation or are trying to change your reputation, social media is a great platform.

For example, if bad press comes out about a celebrity who has a Twitter page that person can counter anything the media is saying with one quick (real-time) Twitter post. That is very powerful. I’ve talked about social media before as part of the technology post. The reason I am bringing it up again is to get more specific on how to use social media to enhance your life.

The hardest thing for me in the last two years was figuring out what to do with my social media, how much of it I needed to utilize, how to keep it up and who to talk to when I am there. It started slow for me. I was on Facebook first, then I moved to Linked In, then Twitter and last I started the PresidentiaLife blog. 

I admit that some of you reading this are light years ahead of me when it comes to function and frequency. I am not on my social media outlets every day nor do I know all the bells and whistles. This is not a “how to” class for social media tools. The objective of this post is to give you pointers on how to create a strategy that can get you where you want to be, quickly. So if you are familiar with social media this should activate you to focus your powers. It is not enough to use social media you have to exploit it.

The first thing you want to do whether you are a novice or a pro is decided who your target market is. Now it sounds like I have you creating a marketing plan and in a way we are. You are the Chief Marketing Officer of your life and if you want a Presidential reputation you have to plan it. A Presidential reputation is not about “who you know”, it is more about “who knows you” and “what do they know about you.” You can control a lot of this with social media.       

 The second thing, is knowing what you want to say. For example, at the top of this blog you read that Presidential lifestyle is about creating the life you desire in the most time and cost-effective way possible. So most of the things that I post will in some way relate to saving time, saving money and doing what makes you happy.

Next you choose where you want to place your message. If you decided that your target market is people who like skating then you want to post where they are. If you said your T.M. is single moms then you post where more single moms will see your messages. Make sure you are saying things that single moms care about.

Last, it is important to figure out how often you want to present your message. If you are building a reputation you may need to post more often than if you are keeping a reputation. If you are changing a reputation you need to post often and everything you say should keep the theme you are now representing.

If you were for example a ladies man and now you are happily married you should make that new lifestyle clear. Post pictures of you and your wife and children if you have them. You don’t have to post often but when you do it should reflect the new you. Say for instance you were a mechanic. You were the best ever but now you have learned how to heal the human body and you want to share it with the world. Post often and make comparisons between your two industries. Give people time to trust you. Just give information and stay consistent. As people try the things you suggest they will learn that you know what you are talking about. The key is to stay consistent. Do not worry about who is reading or how many people are connected to you. Just keep getting your message out there.

To sum it all up you should focus your social media efforts in this way: Figure out who you are talking to, decide what you want to say to them, choose where you want to say it (based on where they are) and last but just as important how often to say it.

Social media is a great way to continue your life’s work offline as you promote yourself online. It gives you the power to be in two places at one time. And if you have the right technology to go with your social media campaign you are one step away from super hero status.  

Guiding your reputation….Now That’s Presidential!


So many outlets…which one is right for me?


Your strategy and tactic

If you want to win stay many steps ahead.

When you are planning for your dreams to come true the hardest part is figuring out what to do on a day-to-day bases to get you to your Mission and Vision. The way to make it easier is to create a strategy and tactic that goes along with your mission and vision and that will help you stay on track.

Using one of our original examples if you said your life mission is to feed hungry children in Africa and your vision was to volunteer to go to Africa. Your strategy may be to live in Africa for 30 days so that you can give your time and money to really feel like you have made a difference. Then your tactic would be to find 20 sponsors to pay for your trip. Also, you may add to that another tactic to never take off of work so that you will save all your time off and use it to make your trip to Africa.

If your Mission was to go be an Olympic Gold Medalist and your Vision was to win all the local competitions to qualify. Your Strategy might be to find out what competitions feed into the Olympics and what the records are for the past winners. Your tactic would then be to practice every day until you beat the records of the past winners and work to when those competitions.

Take some time right now to figure out your Strategy and Tactic. Take your time and think through what you would need to do in order to get to your Vision. This may help: When thinking of your Mission and Vision you are thinking big picture. When think Strategy think medium picture and the Tactic is small picture. You have to break things down into small bite sized pieces in order to swallow them.

Here is my person Strategy and Tactic that will help me get to my Mission to become the most caring and highest paid lifestyle consultant in the self-help industry.

Strategy: Utilize social media to build a following internationally, sharing my 12 step program “CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE” and my free ebooks. Use that notoriety to gain the attention of a literary agent, speaking agent and publisher. This will allow me to reach more people and become more of an influence in the self-help industry.

Tactic:  To generate enough income so that I may continue to be a living example of how to create your perfect lifestyle by exploring lifestyle events and talking about them on my blog. This will allow me to meet the right people, be memorable and also consult clients on what I have experienced. Through my social media outlets I will give my clients sound wealth, well-being and lifestyle advice.

Always remember I am here to help not judge. If you are having trouble with your Mission, Vision, Strategy or Tactic let me know we will work through it together. Email me for suggestions Success is about doing what it takes over and over again. Have the dream, make the plan, live your perfect lifestyle.

Sticking to the plan….Now That’s Presidential!

Your Vision

Your life’s vision is what you see through the eyes of your heart. It is how you will get to your mission. The HOW behind the WHAT. Your mission statement describes what you will be, while your vision describes how you will become that way.

You may have had a mission in life that you did not meet and that is okay. The past is the past. Do not let it get you down, let’s move forward. You discover and stated your life mission last time. Now I want you to read it again so that you can refresh yourself on what you stated. Now that you have re-read your mission let us focus on how you will get there? The process you will use to get to your mission is your VISION. Your vision is the HOW behind the WHAT.

For example if your mission is to become an Olympic gold medalist (the what). Your vision is to practice everyday with the best coach, listening to her direction to win all local, state and national competitions that will qualify you for the Olympics (the how).

Another example would be Mission: To dedicate my life to feeding hungry children in Africa. Vision: To gather all my friends, family, co-workers and church members and all their friends, family, co-workers and church members to support my hunger charity. Or you may say you will meet your mission by volunteering to go to Africa once a year to work with the charity. 

Hopefully, you have it now. I will share my vision with you to give you one more example. If you remember, my personal Mission Statement is: To become a multi-millionaire so that I can assist 100 other people in becoming millionaires. And to be known as the most helpful and caring speaker, author and lifestyle consultant in the self-help industry.

I will do this by committing to my personal Vision Statement: to create a network of one million subscribers/members to Presidential Lifestyle. I will spread the message of how to Create Your Perfect Lifestyle in the most time and cost-effective way possible and I will be a living example as I share my strategy through my blog, my books and my speaking engagements.

Take the time now to write out your vision and begin to think of ways to live out your mission and vision. Use the examples I gave you as a guide. Remember the vision is HOW you’re going to live up to you mission. Keep it short and begin to memorize your mission and vision.

You are two steps closer to your perfect lifestyle. I am here with you. We can take the journey together. Subscribe to this blog and tell your friends about it. Teamwork makes the dream work.

Email me if you need assistance. We will set-up a time to talk it out.

Having a vision…..NOW THAT’S PRESIDENTIAL!

Your Mission

You can do it!

Let’s face it opportunity is not going to call first before he comes knocking. So we have to be ready, prepared and waiting for the shot at living our dream(s). Everyday you have to make a decision to continue your dream. The work you do each day will all come together to become your perfect lifestyle. Don’t wait until you missed opportunities before you get serious because you never know how many chances your going to get. Some people think you only get one shot. If that’s true you better be well prepared for your chance to be lucky. If you don’t believe me just ask the guy who missed opportunities knock. What, you don’t who that is….. My point EXACTLY!

Starting today we are going to breakdown the life business plan so that you are comfortable with each step. If you are comfortable with the steps it is more likely that you will do them. And this will put you in a position to be ready when your time comes.

On the first page of the Self Business Plan it asks you to write your mission statement. The mission statement tells WHAT you want to accomplish in your life. You will accomplish many things but this is the biggest thing. This is what you will go down in history for. It is what’s most important to you. It describes how you want to feel and what you want to happen after all your hard work. You are doing all you do so that ……

Write your mission statement right now. It doesn’t have to be long but it should be specific. For example: It is my mission to feed hungry children in Africa or my mission is to teach Martial Arts to women so that they gain control of their emotions, feel save in the world and gain power and confidence. Or my mission is the be an Olympic Gold Medalist.

My personal Mission Statement is: To become a multi-millionaire so that I can assist 100 other people in becoming millionaires. And to be known as the most helpful and caring speaker, author and lifestyle consultant in the self-help industry.

If you would like to share your mission statement post it in the comments below or email it to me at Also, if you need help with your mission statement email me I would be happy to assist you. Tomorrow we will move to writing your vision so be sure to finish this today.

If you find that you don’t know your mission in life don’t get discouraged. You have one inside of you, you just haven’t discovered it yet. It is inside of you and together we will discover it. Contact me today and I will help you.

Discovering your MISSION in life …… Now that’s Presidential!

Hurt people, hurt people….without even trying

When you are hurt it shows.

When your guards are up and you are protecting yourself it is very easy to reflect your past hurt on anyone who comes into your path. The more hurt you are the more likely you are to hurt others. So the saying goes, “hurt people, hurt people”. They don’t always mean to, it is usually just a defense to stay safe.

This conversation came up at a lunch meeting the other day. As we discussed Tiger and The Masters the conversation switched to why men cheat, especial when they have a pretty wife. The answers where, because they got their heart-broken years ago and vowed to never let anyone that close again. A variation of that was that they won’t allow a woman to get close enough to satisfy them so they are always unsatisfied. Yet another idea was that men who cheat are just being selfish and haven’t met the right woman who makes them want to think twice about their actions.

My summary of the whole conversation was that men and women cheat for some of the same reasons. They are searching the world over looking for someone who loves them the way they need to be loved. They usually settle for what was available at the time, which was not enough, so they continue to fill voids. Usually the voids are deep-rooted and they are not getting far enough down to the route of the problem. For example when people are searching for love but substitute it with sex they go from sex partner to sex partner but never feel complete. It’s like taking a cough drop for a headache. No matter how many cough drops you take it’s not going to make the headache go away. In fact, it could make it worse. The same is true for sex and love. No matter how much sex you have it will never replace love. The same is also true that love can not replace sex either. There is a nature need for sex so you should be with some who loves you and who you share a common attraction with.

The two are separate and whenever they get mixed up it upsets the balance. Be clear about why you love someone. Also be clear about who you are having sex with and why.  Most people are led by their voids and their past experiences. Do not let your past experience and your lustful nature leed you. I learned that most of us have been hurt in the past. Whether it was by a parent, family member, spouse, teacher, neighbor or any number of people in our lives. Most of us have been scarred or wounded in some way.

Of the wounded there are two kinds of people. Those who want to heal their wounds and those who don’t. The people who want to heal apply medicine and they leave the bandages off so that others can see the wound clearly and can choose to help them. The other type doesn’t like the sting of medicine and they wear bandages to cover their scars so that others can not see how scarred they are. These people rip the bandages off and re-open the wound every chance they get. They holler, complain and scream and then they go back to doing the same thing, over and over again.

The most productive thing to do is to stop hurting people. Take your time and find someone who can help you stitch up your wounds and close them up for good. Communicate with your loved ones so that we can stop hurting each other. Be fair, be loving, begin to heal.

Find someone who loves you like crazy and love them the same way back. In that order!

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