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Have you ever seen a movie and enjoyed it so much that you recommended it to any and everyone you spoke to for days and days. Well that is the same concept you should consider using for good advice, resources and experiences. It seems natural to share a good book or a new restaurant but it seems foreign to share clients and ideas.

If you have made a mistake don’t be quiet about it tell your friends and colleagues so that they do not make that same mistake. If you landed a big account introduce your client to your neighboring business so that they may do business together. If you learn a more efficient way to turn a profit let your network know.  By sharing this information you will build strong alliances and I am sure your peers will begin sharing with you as well.

If you have learned something the hard way you should show others how it is done so that they do not have to waste time and can get to their goals faster. Share failures and accomplishments equally; they are both helpful. Be open to learning from others; let them share their reality with you.

When I was publishing “The Art of Starting Over” I spoke to authors who had already done it. I was thankful for their feedback. As I learn more and move forward I shared everything I learned and as I continue to learn more I will share that information as well. Pave the way and make the rough road smoother for the people coming after you.

Sharing the real deal…Now That’s Presidential!



Do you ever think of someone, call them and they say, “I was just thinking about you.” Do you enjoy receiving calls from people who are just checking to see how you are doing? Doesn’t that make you feel loved; doesn’t it make you feel important.

Keeping in touch is not easy to do. Between work, children, relationships and all your responsibilities a consistent social life can be tough. No matter how busy you become you have to take the time to check on your friends and family. It is a good idea to do this periodically otherwise you find yourself only calling when you need something or when you have bad news.

When you have not kept in touch it makes that phone call harder to make and the conversation can be uncomfortable. Make a commitment to stay connected to the world especially those closest to you.

Don’t give up even when you are busy. Find a few minutes to say hello. If you really want to be diligent plan to have a get together occasionally to keep your lines of communication flowing. Facebook and Twitter should not be your connection to the world. You should have a real life social network.

Meaningful Conversation…Now That’s Presidential!


Henry Ford

Henry Ford (Photo credit: Christopher Marks)

There are positive and negative voices inside all of us. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the two. The negative voices sound like they are speaking the truth and looking out for you while the positive voices sound unrealistic and farfetched.

Treat yourself to the book “The Art of Starting Over.” It is an interactive step-by-step guide to discovering what’s missing in your life and attracting it to you. If you buy two copies you can invite a friend to work through it together and hold each other accountable. After reading it pay attention to how the voices you hear become more positive. You will be able to separate them more easily and the positive voices will drown out the negative ones. This book is the last motivational book you will ever have to read because it will become your blueprint for getting to your perfect lifestyle.

After reading it and following the exercises you will have found a mentor, gained a smart business partner and create a list of resources you have available to you. You will be encouraged to try your idea without being worried about whether you will succeed or fail. Many people have learned by trial and error; Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Milton Hershey to name a few. Imagine if they had listened to the negative voices that told them to stop.

The voices inside of you can either hurt or help you. Get rid of the ones that tell you to wait, worry and complain. Listen to the voices that help you create, that tell you how brave you are and push you through the hard times. When you listen to the right voices you do the right things.

Tuning out…Now That’s Presidential!


When you are trying to make an impression you have to look like you can do the job. If you want to be a health and fitness instructor it helps to look healthy and fit. If you say you are the world’s best hairstylist having beautiful bouncing and behaving hair can help get you new clients. The way you dress is part of your presentation. You may know the right words to say but we are judged in the first five seconds we meet someone and that is usually before we have had a chance to even say hello.

People want to do business with and hang around sharp people. Put on the costume for the part you want to play in life. Doctors wear scrubs, lawyers wear suits and construction contractors wear hard hats. What uniform should you wear to make you look more official? If you want to play the role you have to fit the costume.

Become the character you want to be by acting and dressing the part first. Get use to the wardrobe and wear it well. If your job calls for a cheerful smile wear one every day. If you should be relaxed than create that mood for your clients. Add the elements you need to give an experience that says you are who you say you are. The mission is to grab them the minute they walk in your door or you walk into their door. Even if you are not there yet get dressed and be ready. When you dress the part you get the part.

Great first impressions…Now That’s Presidential!


Weaving Project in Progress

You do not have to be rich to live the Presidential Lifestyle. You may need to be patient and creative to think of ways to have rich experiences in an affordable way but if you add a little diversity you will see your experience go a long way. Since variety is the spice of life it is important to season your life with all kinds of experiences. You may think you see what is happening in another culture but it is a far better view when you become an active part of the process. When you learn why people do what they do you can understand it better and maybe even use it in your own life from time-to-time.

Try things like vacationing in different countries, make friends with someone of a different ethnic background, see what a particular religious ceremony is like or attend an event that you normally would not. Have fun, go wild and get out of your comfortable box. You are unique and bring diversification to a group. Join a group that is different from you and experience the differences in life.

You can read an article, listen to a story or make assumptions but you will never really know life’s possibilities until you become a part of the action. If you befriend different people, try ethnic foods, visit unfamiliar places and explore diverse events you will have a great story of your own to tell.

Your real life experiences can be better than any article you could read. There is nothing like being there. Start exploring and say yes to the things that are outside of your comfort zone. Take off of work, give up the fear, get out the house and create amazing memories. Being diverse can feel a little eccentric at first but it can turn out to be fun and rewarding. I promise you will feel a new sense of sophistication if you explore that which is different from you.

Being cosmopolitan…Now That’s Presidential!