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For entertainment purposes only (and networking of course)

Dinner Table for Christmas

Dinner Table (Photo credit: camknows)

When was the last time you had a party? For some people entertaining is a regular thing. For others, it seems impossible and tiring. It seems to take forever to decide what to wear, who to invite and what to talk about when everyone gets there. The details can be daunting but the good news is getting together with friends, family and colleagues does not have to include an event coordinator. You can keep it simple. The main point is staying connected to your connections.

There is a saying that goes, “your NETWORK determines your NET WORTH.” In other words, if you hang out with successful, powerful, wealthy people you should in time become more successful, powerful and wealthy.

You don’t always have to organize a networking party to get together with your network. There really doesn’t have to be a purpose or theme, you can get together for any reason. You can have a “it’s Sunday party.” You can have a “are you hungry, come on over I cooked party.” There is always the “come meet my friends and bring your friends party.” Of course, if you like you can attach a theme and party with a purpose as well.

It does not matter if you are entertaining clients, friends, venders or family you should put a little of yourself in the theme and let the rest create itself. You do not have to have control at all times. As I once heard hostess Danielle Rollins say “something will go wrong and things will get broken.” Don’t worry about what will go wrong just think about all the memories you will create for yourself and your guest.

You can plan several small parties where there are just 10-15 guests or you can wait for a holiday and invite everyone you know. Pick a day, stick to it and grab a friend to help you. The two of you can put your heads and pockets together to come up with a great reason to entertain. Make the calls, send the invitations and wait for the door bell to ring. Yes you will have a mess to clean up tomorrow but at least you got to see all those smiling faces for a few hours. And guess who is going to be on their minds for the next few days; wonderful, beautiful you.

If you need any ideas go to she can help you with the details. Send me an email afterward and tell me how it goes. Remember you are working on (C.A.L.M) Career And Lifestyle Management this year. So work hard and play hard.

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Join the Maximize Your Life Call

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Why pursue happiness when creating peace is much more satisfying?

 Atlanta, April 25, 2013. On Sunday, May 5th and every first Sunday of the month Author, Kiné Corder will host the Maximize Your Life Call, a lifestyle consulting strategy session that will help listeners determine where they are, discover where they want to be and give them the tools to bridge the gap between the two. In her book, “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life, Kiné explains that you should focus on creating peace versus pursuing happiness. “If peace and happiness were to go into battle, peace would surely win.” “The reality is happiness is fleeting and the pursuit of it will leave you uneasy, says Kiné.

During the Ask Kiné segment of the call you will hear Kiné answer real life questions live. She will give direction on how to navigate career changes, address relationship challenges and most importantly how to create a life of clarity, focus and meaning. People who purchased the Maximize Your Life Kit say they learned to utilize the power they had inside of them, to deepen their spiritual connection and to discover answers to their unique life situations. The Maximize Your Life Call is a continuation to those lessons. Most people pursue happiness even though they have no idea what happiness is or how to get it. Society teaches that happiness is something that will one day just happen after you have acquired enough material possessions or have falling in love. Peace is when the things you want are the things you have and you can maximize your peace by getting the most out of what’s right in front of you. Joining the Maximize Your Life Call is the best way to learn how to begin getting the most out of life. When you combine the book, the kit and the complementary consultation session it truly is the last self-empowerment lesson you will ever need. The book, “The Art of Starting Over: A Thirty-Day Guide to Creating More Power, Peace, and Pleasure in Your Personal Life,” is available at, or ask your local bookstore to order it for you. The Maximize Your Life Kit is available on  Learn more about Kiné at,, or on Twitter @AuthorKine.

Dial in: 213-992-5193 PIN# 89129


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Maximize your life

ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism

ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)

There are more people who regret not taking risks than there are those who regret taking them. A good calculated risk can propel you forward and boost your confidence in your future. A missed opportunity can keep you stagnated and discouraged. You have to be ready for the possibility of success or failure so hedging your risk can help break the fall if there is one. When you are cautious, research the possibilities and prepare for the worst, risk is not so scary.

It may take preparation and calculation to alleviate the stress but the pre-work is worth it if it creates peace of mind. There are levels of risk and applying the right level of risk will keep you save in the face of uncertainty.

Maximizing your life does not mean supersize your life. Maximize means get the most out of everything you do and every opportunity that comes to you. You don’t have to show off, brag or parade your blessings. You do have to appreciate, utilize and share them. If you do this you will multiply your blessings on multiple levels.

When you give of yourself you get back more than you can imagine. When you vocalize your needs you get what you ask for. When you listen to the right voice inside of you, you minimize the risk. No matter what happens you will feel good about your life because you weren’t afraid.

If you don’t have a bucket list create one and begin to check things off. You don’t have to do it all this year just make sure you get them done soon. We never know when we are going to kick the bucket so check things off as soon as you can.

Be daring, courageous and enthusiastic. Get out of life all that you can. There is nothing stopping you.

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Is a maxed out 401(k) the new luxury item?

President's Advisory Panel for Federal Tax Reform

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Most of us have no idea what retirement is going to look like but we know we can’t work forever. After working hard for 30 years nobody wants to be stressed out about not making ends meet or out living their savings. Let’s talk about balancing the delicate mix of enjoying life today while saving for a comfortable future. When balancing fun and sacrifice the three things that you have to consider and adjust are how you spend, save and invest. It is not as much about how much money you earn but more about how much of it you can keep. Whether you earn $50,000 a year or $500,000 if you spend all that you earn you are broke either way.

Many are in the mind frame that we earn money to spend it. Where that may be true we don’t have to spend it all at once. Some money is for today and other money is for a rainy day or a later day. There is a battle between what we want and what we need. The best way to always end this battle quickly is to have a spending plan that reminds you of how much money you can spend and when. If you do not have one, visit my website to download the one I use with my clients.

The percentage of spending, saving and investing is based on the risk tolerance, goals and time horizon of the client. I also consider their bad habits or vices. If you know you have a sibling who borrows and doesn’t pay back or if you know that you are going to travel 2 or 3 times a year just work it in. Do not try to pretend that it doesn’t exist. At least this way you may be able to sacrifice in other areas to prepare for these things. If we don’t account for them we are setting ourselves up for failure.

In your spending plan it is natural for living expenses to take up the majority of your earnings. The amount will be based on how much fun you plan to have verses how much sacrificing you plan to do. When it comes to saving and investing you decide how much you want to put there based on how many goals you have and how far off they are. The earlier you begin the less stressful it will be when the goals are right around the corner.

Savings are the liquid accounts that you would use if you became unemployed or if there was an emergency. Investments are the longer term goals like college and retirement. These goals are the two most common areas we have to invest for and it is often difficult to juggle how much to put toward each when you have to invest for both. There is a saying in wealth management, “you can borrow for college, but not for retirement.” For that reason retirement goals should take priority over college. The idea is that you should first save up 6 months of expenses, next max out your 401(k) investments and then invest for college. Also, most people want to include a portion of their spending plan to giving to church, charity and/or organizations that are dear to them.

All these things are important and choosing which one to fund can be tough when you want to live the luxury lifestyle. This is where you have to make decisions on what makes you feel better, driving a Lexus or knowing you are financially secure for your future. If you try to breakdown your earnings in to four sections and allocate a certain percentage to each section you will be able to keep yourself in line.

Give 10%, save 15%, invest 15% and spend 60% of your after tax income to enjoy life today and in the future. Cut cost where you can and make good financial decisions along the way. Impressing others with a remodeled kitchen or fancy cars will not make you feel safe. So secure your future first then by the luxury item.

Redefining luxury…Now That’s Presidential!

If you put yourself first are you being selfish?

ESTELA, Masaje facial

ESTELA, Masaje facial (Photo credit: estelabelleza)

When you are on an airplane the flight attended tells you that in case of an emergency put your mask on first before assisting others. In this example it sounds like the flight attended is suggesting that you leave your child or loved one in harm’s way. However, if you think more clearly you will understand that if anything happened to you your child would be left in harm’s way. To insure that you will be able to help someone else you have to first take care of yourself.

This process is something I call, “Selful” this is when you know how to take care of yourself just as well as you take care of others. Being selful can make life better. It can allow you to be more effective when doing the things you need to do for others because you will have more energy and strength. Taking care of yourself is essential to taking care of others. Not only will you set a good example but you also set the precedence for how you want to be treated.

Nobody will fault you for being selfull and if they do you know that they are selfish. If you have too many selfish people in your life they will drain you and you will have nothing left to give. Be aware of this and do your best to either limit your exposure or know when to say no. Being able to say no sometimes or at least say not right now can help you juggle all of your tasks. No, is not a bad word and putting something off until it is a better time for you will allow you to complete it with willingness instead of resentment.

Having a heart to serve is honorable but you have to be able to honor yourself in the process. Don’t stop giving just start with yourself.

Passion for people…Now That’s Presidential!

There is only one person you have to make happy when you are single!

Where are you going, who with and when are you coming back? When was the last time you had to answer that series of questions? Sometimes when you are in a relationship it feels like you are being controlled and have no freedom. Single life is just the opposite. The only person you have to answer to is you.

When you are single you are in control and you can go places and do things with whomever you want (responsibly of course). Some of us are desperate to jump into a relationship just because we are lonely or because we want a title. We don’t care if it’s a healthy relationship as long as we appear to be happy. It’s okay to be by yourself sometimes. It gives you a chance to be free and have fun. There is as much joy in being single as it is to being married or in a relationship.

Choose to be single by choice. Enjoy it for what it is; a time to mingle, network and flirt without worrying about how it will affect someone else. Do things that are fun and adventurous and create some interesting stories to tell your next partner. Let them know that you had a life and you plan to still have a life while you are with them. An active person is more attractive.

Remember that bucket list and that list of things you like you wrote a few weeks ago. Check some of them off. Stop thinking about what is so bad about being single and think about what so good about it. You might surprise yourself and want to extend your single days and postpone rushing into a relationship. When the world finds out that you don’t mind being single, they don’t mind being in a relationship with you; it is funny how that works.

Single…Now That’s Presidential!

I love my lifestyle

Have you been complaining and fussing about the way your life turned out? Do you feel like you wish you could change a few things? It’s easy to feel that your life is beyond your control or that your dreams are out of reach. Occasionally, bad decisions or bad luck can put you in a place where you wish you could do something different. You can! You can love your lifestyle.

The first step is admitting that your life is not all bad. There is something good amongst you and you should recognize it. Also, recognize your accomplishments. You have done positive things and you should be proud of them.

Next think of the things you like most in life and begin enjoying them again or more often. Eat more chocolate, go to more concerts, cook your favorite food, hang out with your fun friends, do little things that make you smile. You should write a list of all the things you like and commit to rewarding yourself with them as often as necessary. If you see yourself working hard and getting tasks done pick something from your list and reward yourself with it.

While you are at it create a list of your needs and who can give them to you. Be realistic and plan to give other what they need in return. Be clear as to what your needs are and begin to vocalize them so that you will attract them. Be careful not to complain. Being vocal means setting expectations and suggestions so that those around you are clear on what makes you smile.

Delegate some tasks so that you are not so over-whelmed. Everything that has to get done doesn’t have to get done by you. This may even give you a chance to teach someone else something they can use to succeed in their life. Let go and get the help you deserve. You do not have to do this all at once. Take one task at a time. Slowly work these habits into your life until you can truly say, I love my lifestyle.”

Stay active doing things that make you smile and eliminate the negative as much as possible. If you don’t like it change or adjust it. Use your power to create a happy lifestyle. Your happiness is an important part of the world, your world that is. There is nothing more special than looking forward to the influence of tomorrow.

Loving your lifestyle…Now That’s Presidential!