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ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism

ACT is Adventure Culinary Arts & Tourism (Photo credit: Thompson Rivers)

There are more people who regret not taking risks than there are those who regret taking them. A good calculated risk can propel you forward and boost your confidence in your future. A missed opportunity can keep you stagnated and discouraged. You have to be ready for the possibility of success or failure so hedging your risk can help break the fall if there is one. When you are cautious, research the possibilities and prepare for the worst, risk is not so scary.

It may take preparation and calculation to alleviate the stress but the pre-work is worth it if it creates peace of mind. There are levels of risk and applying the right level of risk will keep you save in the face of uncertainty.

Maximizing your life does not mean supersize your life. Maximize means get the most out of everything you do and every opportunity that comes to you. You don’t have to show off, brag or parade your blessings. You do have to appreciate, utilize and share them. If you do this you will multiply your blessings on multiple levels.

When you give of yourself you get back more than you can imagine. When you vocalize your needs you get what you ask for. When you listen to the right voice inside of you, you minimize the risk. No matter what happens you will feel good about your life because you weren’t afraid.

If you don’t have a bucket list create one and begin to check things off. You don’t have to do it all this year just make sure you get them done soon. We never know when we are going to kick the bucket so check things off as soon as you can.

Be daring, courageous and enthusiastic. Get out of life all that you can. There is nothing stopping you.

Adventure…Now That’s Presidential!


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