If you put yourself first are you being selfish?

ESTELA, Masaje facial

ESTELA, Masaje facial (Photo credit: estelabelleza)

When you are on an airplane the flight attended tells you that in case of an emergency put your mask on first before assisting others. In this example it sounds like the flight attended is suggesting that you leave your child or loved one in harm’s way. However, if you think more clearly you will understand that if anything happened to you your child would be left in harm’s way. To insure that you will be able to help someone else you have to first take care of yourself.

This process is something I call, “Selful” this is when you know how to take care of yourself just as well as you take care of others. Being selful can make life better. It can allow you to be more effective when doing the things you need to do for others because you will have more energy and strength. Taking care of yourself is essential to taking care of others. Not only will you set a good example but you also set the precedence for how you want to be treated.

Nobody will fault you for being selfull and if they do you know that they are selfish. If you have too many selfish people in your life they will drain you and you will have nothing left to give. Be aware of this and do your best to either limit your exposure or know when to say no. Being able to say no sometimes or at least say not right now can help you juggle all of your tasks. No, is not a bad word and putting something off until it is a better time for you will allow you to complete it with willingness instead of resentment.

Having a heart to serve is honorable but you have to be able to honor yourself in the process. Don’t stop giving just start with yourself.

Passion for people…Now That’s Presidential!


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