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Time Management

Time Management (Photo credit: Intersection Consulting)

The lifestyle of a lady or gentleman is seamless. Everyone wonders how he/she is so efficient and looks so good doing it. Today’s business climate requires successful people to put in more hours making it harder to balance work and lifestyle. One sure way to create more time in your busy day is with the help of a personal assistant. Not the person you employ at your business but someone to help manage your personal life. You spend so much time between the cleaners, doing laundry, grocery shopping, gifting, barbering, manicuring, housekeeping and other necessary but time consuming errands.

A trusted personal assistant can literally change the way you look at your life. The very things you despise are the things they enjoy doing. The value they bring is in the stress they relieve and the time they create for you to do more important things. Having someone take care of your needs can make you more productive and efficient allowing you to remain focused on the things that drive your income/revenue. The traditional perceived cost is in fact a savings.

A lifestyle consultation can help you discover how to put a few more hours back in your day. Whether you need help balancing lifestyle and career or if you want to plan your future they can get it done with discretion and ease. Think of all the things you hate doing that take up your valuable time.  Then think of all the things you love doing that you never get to do.

When you find C.A.L.M – Career And Lifestyle Management you begin enjoying your life more. When you learn that everything that has to get done does not have to get done by you, you create more time so you can earn more money. If it takes you half the day to check off all the things on your to do list, what does that cost you? Don’t lose the value of your time. Each minute wasted equates to money eliminated from your bottom line. You are successful for a reason.

Begin enjoying your success while reaching your personal and financial goals. If you need help email Kine she will assist you in putting all the pieces together seamlessly.

Delegating…Now That’s Presidential!



We spend a significant amount of our time and money in barbershops, spas, boutiques, malls, make-up counters and in the mirror working on our outer appearance. While we are doing this, we never give one thought to how our inner beauty or ugliness is affecting our lives every day.

You can spend thousands of dollars on surgery, clothes and haircuts but if you are ugly on the inside it will always shine though to the world around you. You can try to be phony but it will only work for so long. Work on your inner beauty by practicing random acts of kindness, by saying encouraging things to your colleagues, by complimenting people or smiling more. Read The Power of Nice by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval for more pointers.

You should limit gossip, don’t be angry all the time, stop being defensive and stop hurting people’s feelings. It’s not nice and it makes you look ugly. Try putting your guards down, smile more, be thankful, say yes more often, be solution oriented and I promise your inner beauty will shine through. When this happens on your worst hair day you will still look like a million bucks.

I’ve told you before, You Are Enough! Beauty truly is more than skin deep and if you want to be beautiful from the inside out let go of your past hurt and just let yourself shine.

Natural beauty…Now That’s Presidential!


,., decision making

,., decision making (Photo credit: nerovivo)

In my book “The Art of Starting Over” step 29 of the 30 day program is Making Good Decisions.  When you make a decision to do something you are giving your life direction. The decisions you make or don’t make are the actions that shape your life. When you decide not to make a decision and just let things happen, you are still shaping your life. The act of not making a decision is a decision. It is a lazy one but a decision non-the-less and you are leaving yourself open for failure. The question you have to ask yourself is “where is this decision likely to lead”? Sure sometime you feel like you have to react before you have time to think but try not to. When you feel your emotions are high try to wait until they have calmed down and come back to the decision when you are more logical. You will be able to answer the question wisely and realistically. Think about the consequences or your actions and add in the consequences of the consequences. (If you need help doing this, leave a comment and I will email you to set up a consultation.) When you make sound decisions you make life better for yourself and those around you. Don’t be hard on yourself. Do the best with what you have. Make the best decisions you can. When you learn better you can do better. Start by asking yourself where is this decision likely to lead and answer honestly. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into…Now That’s Presidential!


Many people reminisce about the great ideas they have had…but never did anything with. Well those great ideas can’t be counted until you make them happen. It’s not how many great ideas you’ve had, it’s how many you have made happen.

Of course, not every great idea should come true. However, there are certainly some ideas that deserve a chance. There are ideas that deserve your full attention. These are the ones that with a little hard work, dedication and focus you could see come to life.

I once heard Joel Osteen say, “there are many great ideas buried in cemeteries”. What he meant was most people go to their grave with their brilliant ideas still inside their heads. They never attempt them and often never even share them.

Get your great ideas out of your head and onto paper. Then put them into your daily activities. Add them to your to do list. Make them a part of your bucket list and make them happen one step at a time. It is not enough to have a great idea, be creative and make those ideas reality. They do not count until they are real.

It may feel impossible and you may not know where to start, but that’s okay. I’m sure the slam dunk seemed impossible until somebody did it. And I am not even sure if that sounded like a good idea in the beginning. Be innovative and progressive. Do not let your good ideas die. Give them life!

Innovation…Now That’s Presidential!


You may have heard or have used the southern saying, “I’m feeling some type of way” and you just weren’t able to put your finger on the feeling. Well the “way” you are feeling is probably uneasiness and at times it could be anxiousness, loneliness, confusion, anger or even disappointment. The first time I heard this saying I didn’t understand it at all. The more I felt some type of way, the more I understood it. When you feel your emotions coming on and you know that things are not going your way it makes you feel bad. You do not always know exactly what you are feeling but you know that you don’t feel good.

These feelings are caused because your expectations were not met. The customer service representative didn’t give you the service you expected. Your spouse didn’t give you the gift that you expected. Your co-worker did not do the work the way you had expected. Your family member did not react the way you expected. All of these situations can make you feel uneasy and begin to change your emotions.

When you are pursuing your goals you cannot let your emotions stop you. You can feel the fear, anxiety, stress, boredom or dissatisfaction and still keep working. You have to push through your emotions and continue to work logically through to your goals.

When you are working on a goal you often believe that it will happen exactly the way you planned it. However, it rarely does. What you cannot plan for is unexpected life situations. What you can control is how you react to those situations. Your daughter gets pregnant, your son still doesn’t have a job and can’t move out of the house, you get married, you get divorced, you lose your job, there is a flood in your basement or your next door neighbor sues you. No matter what happens around you the best thing you can do is keep working on your goals.

Solicit the help of other successful people and the help of your friends that want to see you succeed. Be realistic and put your focus and energy toward your prize. Even when the long journey makes you feel some type of way, do not stop working on your goals until you get them.

Consistency…Now That’s Presidential!