Henry Ford

Henry Ford (Photo credit: Christopher Marks)

There are positive and negative voices inside all of us. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate between the two. The negative voices sound like they are speaking the truth and looking out for you while the positive voices sound unrealistic and farfetched.

Treat yourself to the book “The Art of Starting Over.” It is an interactive step-by-step guide to discovering what’s missing in your life and attracting it to you. If you buy two copies you can invite a friend to work through it together and hold each other accountable. After reading it pay attention to how the voices you hear become more positive. You will be able to separate them more easily and the positive voices will drown out the negative ones. This book is the last motivational book you will ever have to read because it will become your blueprint for getting to your perfect lifestyle.

After reading it and following the exercises you will have found a mentor, gained a smart business partner and create a list of resources you have available to you. You will be encouraged to try your idea without being worried about whether you will succeed or fail. Many people have learned by trial and error; Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Milton Hershey to name a few. Imagine if they had listened to the negative voices that told them to stop.

The voices inside of you can either hurt or help you. Get rid of the ones that tell you to wait, worry and complain. Listen to the voices that help you create, that tell you how brave you are and push you through the hard times. When you listen to the right voices you do the right things.

Tuning out…Now That’s Presidential!


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