For entertainment purposes only (and networking of course)

Dinner Table for Christmas

Dinner Table (Photo credit: camknows)

When was the last time you had a party? For some people entertaining is a regular thing. For others, it seems impossible and tiring. It seems to take forever to decide what to wear, who to invite and what to talk about when everyone gets there. The details can be daunting but the good news is getting together with friends, family and colleagues does not have to include an event coordinator. You can keep it simple. The main point is staying connected to your connections.

There is a saying that goes, “your NETWORK determines your NET WORTH.” In other words, if you hang out with successful, powerful, wealthy people you should in time become more successful, powerful and wealthy.

You don’t always have to organize a networking party to get together with your network. There really doesn’t have to be a purpose or theme, you can get together for any reason. You can have a “it’s Sunday party.” You can have a “are you hungry, come on over I cooked party.” There is always the “come meet my friends and bring your friends party.” Of course, if you like you can attach a theme and party with a purpose as well.

It does not matter if you are entertaining clients, friends, venders or family you should put a little of yourself in the theme and let the rest create itself. You do not have to have control at all times. As I once heard hostess Danielle Rollins say “something will go wrong and things will get broken.” Don’t worry about what will go wrong just think about all the memories you will create for yourself and your guest.

You can plan several small parties where there are just 10-15 guests or you can wait for a holiday and invite everyone you know. Pick a day, stick to it and grab a friend to help you. The two of you can put your heads and pockets together to come up with a great reason to entertain. Make the calls, send the invitations and wait for the door bell to ring. Yes you will have a mess to clean up tomorrow but at least you got to see all those smiling faces for a few hours. And guess who is going to be on their minds for the next few days; wonderful, beautiful you.

If you need any ideas go to she can help you with the details. Send me an email afterward and tell me how it goes. Remember you are working on (C.A.L.M) Career And Lifestyle Management this year. So work hard and play hard.

Entertaining…Now That’s Presidential!


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