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Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever loved in a way that made you feel calm? Have you ever been loved by someone and it made you fell like you didn’t deserve it? They didn’t have any expectations of you and they loved you despite who you were or who you were not. Have you loved without the worry of being loved back, without ultimatums? Have you given your all without negotiation? If so, you have truly experienced love.

We play it safe and love weak because we do not want to get hurt. In order to protect ourselves we put up walls and rules and we pretend we have given our all. While we are protecting ourselves from hurt we are also preventing ourselves from truly experiencing love at its highest level.

When you are waiting on reciprocity and stating “what have you done for me lately” you do not love freely. If you are concerned with what’s in it for you the only love you have experienced is loving yourself.

Loving yourself is not a bad thing. You have to first love yourself to understand how to love others and how you would like to be loved. Start there but slowly allow your heart to separate from your mind. When you separate from your mind you are free of expectations.  Love is not a thought it is a series of actions that never stop. Try giving your love away for free and pay attention to how it makes you feel. You will be surprised what you get in return. When you meet deserving people let your love pour over them like wine. Don’t just pour out cups, pour out gallons of love. Allow them to become drunk with your passion. You will not regret it because if you truly gave your love freely you have reached the goal of unconditional love.

Now that you know what it feels like to really love…try it!

Love without limits…Now That’s Presidential!


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