You don’t have to compare yourself to others and you don’t necessarily have to win all the time. What you should do though, is give your all. Do your best no matter what everyone else is doing. No matter who is or isn’t watching. You don’t have to live up to anyone’s expectations of you except your own. And you should make sure that you expect the best from yourself at any given time.

There is never a good reason or excuse to do less than your best. You should be at 100%, 100% of the time. Sounds impossible and crazy I know but understand that I’m not suggesting you give something you don’t have. Giving 100% means giving all that you have. Even when your 100% is low you still give all of it. You may have the flu, may have a broken leg or may be mentally tired. It is ok to go through difficulty. Just don’t let it stop you from giving 100% of what you have inside of you.

Do what you are capable of. When you give your all you can’t be disappointed in yourself because there was nothing else you could have done. And the great thing is you have less regrets in life when you put your best foot forward.

Do your best on your job, in your relationships, when you volunteer, during practice and in everything you do. There is only one way to be completely proud of yourself and that is to know you gave it everything you had and didn’t hold back.

Being your own competition…Now That’s Presidential!


About Kiné Corder

Kine' Corder is a best selling author, speaker, and member of the Financial Therapy Association. Formerly a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and currently a Financial Therapist Kiné runs Presidential Lifestyle, a financial wellness company focused on wealth in all of it's forms. View all posts by Kiné Corder

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