Collect compliments

I wanted to write about this yesterday but I decided to take the day off and reward myself with lunch on the patio at Rosa Mexicano because it was such a nice day. I did something I wouldn’t ordinarily do. I went out and let someone else control the day. My neighbor asked me to join her as she went about her day. I had already done all the things on my to do list except this blog so I said yes. I didn’t know what to expect but it did not matter. I was enjoying the day and my neighbors great company.

Earlier in the morning I thought about the past week and reflected on some of the things that happened. I replayed conversations in my head. Most of which made me smile. I noticed that there were some people who thought I was a good, faithful, hardworking, calm and fun person to be around. I received many compliments last week from co-workers, friends, in my business meetings and even a few from semi-strangers.

There are times when you will shine and your good works will make the world light up and there are times when it seems you can’t hold a candle to all that is happening in the world around you. When this happens just count it all joy. Reflect on some old compliments and smile anyway.

I decided that I was going to hold on to the compliments I received last week and use them when negative energy tries to strike. It is one thing to get a criticism but when someone is too negative and brings you down get away. If you do not want to be lazy don’t surround yourself with people who remind you how lazy you are. Find people who motivate you and build you up with compliments. Be around people whose actions make you want to react positively.

If someone continues to feed you negative energy you will believe it. Bad company corrupts good character. I am hoping that good company can stimulate bad character. If you want to be better surround yourself with better company that compliments, motivates and appreciates you. Collect compliments from good people who like to spread joy. The rest is garbage. Seriously, throw the garbage away. When you receive positive energy collect it, hold on to it and let it fuel your dreams. When you receive negative energy discard it and move on. Do not dwell on it or let it slow you down.

Give out compliments and you will bless others with your kind words and positive energy. Smile more. You will begin to create a great feeling inside of yourself and reflect that to the world. When you reflect that beauty you will begin to get more compliments. You look great! You are doing a great job! Thank you for being a good example! I want to be like you one day! Collect all the compliments you get and let it fuel your dreams.

Live, Presidential….I dare you.

Letting compliments and criticisms build you up…Now That’s Presidential!


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