4 Easy to do health tips

How important is your health to your lifestyle? Without good health, are you able to live the lifestyle you want? When setting your lifestyle goals you should set comparable health goals too. Do you feel that it is second nature or difficult to maintain good health? Can you think of a time when you felt healthy? What made you feel that way?

 There are different levels and categories of health. You have physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health. In some religions having a healthy body is an essential part of the relationship with the higher power because some believe that your body is a temple. For this reason you want to keep it clean and healthy so that you are edifying your creator. So if your spiritual health is suffering it may spill over into your emotional health.

 Just the same your mental health can have physical effects. When you allow yourself to relax and enjoy a massage or a good book you are building your mental health. You also build your mental health when you stop gossiping about or degrading other people. When you push away toxic friends and exercise self control you build your emotional health. And of course eating right and exercising will aide in your physical health.  

Mental health tip:

Get a massage at least once a month. It will help you release tension and it forces you to allow someone else to focus their time and energy on you. If money is an issue ask your mate. You all can trade and this could bring you closer. Or find a deal and use it as a reward to one of your accomplishments. Treat yourself but shop for sales and keep your eyes open for deals on all the discount websites. If money is not an issue add a facial or another service so you can really relieve stress, exhale and just relax.

 Physical health tip:

Add one more fruit and vegetable servings to your everyday diet. Have fruit with breakfast. Grapefruit is a fat burner, t is cheap and it goes a long way. Needless to say it is one of my favorites. Make sure you have a vegetable with lunch and dinner. But remember you can drink your vegetables these days. Products like Boost and V8 make it easier for you to get your recommended daily allowance of fruit and vegetables. Caution be careful of the sugar and sodium in these kind of beverages.

 Emotional health tip:

Erase, delete, cancel or remove toxic friends, family members and associates from your life. If there are people you cannot get rid of then limit your contact with them. By doing this you build your confidence and you give yourself power. You do not have to continue friendships with people that do not mean you any good. Feel free to delete them from your life so that you will have more space to love freely. You graduate from people just like you graduate from school. Do you plan on going back to high school? No, because you already learned the lessons you need to learn there. It is time to move on.

Spiritual health tip:

Live every day like it’s your last. Be happy for no reason. When you are sad feel it but ask your higher being to help you get out of it.  There are always people watching so live to be an example for others. Ask for forgiveness, forgive yourself and others.

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