Will you ever say TGIM (THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY)?

Studies show that most heart attacks happen on Monday morning or near the patient’s birthday. This happens because stress, anxiety and tension are higher during these times. This mental health problem causes spasms of a coronary artery that leads to the heart attack.

Don't pull your hair out!


IS MONDAY REALLY THAT BAD? If so, what can you do to make it better? Can you change jobs? Can you get a better assistant to make your life easier? Are there too many responsibilities on Monday morning? Can you delegate something? Can you make Monday a later start time? What can you do to make your Monday morning less stressful? WHAT WOULD MAKE YOU AS EXCITED ABOUT MONDAY AS YOU ARE FOR FRIDAY?

Think of some things you can do to lighten your burdens. Think of ways to help you relieve stress that do not include vacation. You cannot stop now, you have to keep going. Quitting is not an option of course, so what else? You have the power to make your life better you just have to use it. Nobody has the power to make you feel bad if you don’t give it to them. If you have given it away, take it back.  

When you are doing your best and giving your all you deserve some autonomy. You are not asking for money right now. Unless, you believe that is what will make you feel better. My suggestion is that it may not be money you need. Sometime the money you need is wrapped up in the time you give to things that do not make you happy. If Monday morning is stressful for you change what you currently do on Monday. Do not complain about it because that just creates more negative energy. Think of how to change it.

Start out slowly. Take one Monday out of the month and start at 11am, take off, start earlier in the morning before other people get there or simply meditate before you go to work. There is an answer to your Monday Madness. These are just a few suggestions. Find the solution inside yourself and then find a way to communicate it to the people who will be affected by your change.

When you figure out the answer, relay the message confidently to the appropriate people. You are not begging or negotiating. You are stating your needs. Your spouse, your boss, your co-worker and whoever else it will affect will understand. In exchange make sure you are there for them when they need to relieve stress. Always do your best because then you have room to ask for what you want. 

Little steps along the way will help you get to your perfect lifestyle. It’s easy to get there when you attack each problem one by one. Your perfect lifestyle is not far away. Keep finding solutions for your seeming difficulties and you will find yourself happy before you know it.

A peaceful Monday…Now That’s Presidential!

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Kine' Corder is a best selling author, speaker, and member of the Financial Therapy Association. Formerly a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and currently a Financial Therapist Kiné runs Presidential Lifestyle, a financial wellness company focused on wealth in all of it's forms. www.presidentiallifestyle.com View all posts by Kiné Corder

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