Everybody has needs…what are yours?

What do you need? Seriously, it is a legitimate question that we should always ask ourselves so that we can get what we want faster and feel happy. When you are pursuing a particular goal you may find that there are things you need help with. For example, if your goal is to graduate from college with honors. You may find you need a tutor in certain classes. You may be good in math, but bad in English. If you fulfill the need you get to your goal. If you do not fulfill the need you may not get to your goal.

Everybody needs something. Some needs are emotional, some are physical, some are spiritual and some are mental. I have a need to stay warm. I get cold really fast and I always seem to have a need for something to keep me warm. Either I turn up the heat; get a blanket, a sweater, or a strong, handsome man. For me, being cold is uncomfortable so I fulfill that need as quickly as possible.

Many people are ashamed to need and have a hard time asking. I was the same way. I tried to deny my needs, or cope with them, or fulfill them myself. Sometimes that would work and other times it would not. Sometimes you just have to ask for help from someone who is better at it than you are. You have to be okay with having needs and asking for help. Often times we want to be superheroes and take all the weight of the world on our shoulders. When we do that we can end up failing. Team work can make things easier for everyone involved, especially if everyone gets to use their talents and strengths to reach their goal.

Write down as many needs as you can think of. They do not have to be immediate needs. They do not have to be big needs. Maybe it is something that has to do with your health. Maybe you need help from your family. Maybe you need something from yourself. Some needs will be on going and others will come and go. You may get some needs fulfilled and later have a need for it again. That is okay, as the world turns so does your life and your needs. Write down all the needs you can think of and remember we are talking about needs not wants. Be true to yourself. If you really wish you could get a hug everyday from your spouse and you know that would make you a happier person, write it down. Figure out what you need and then we will later figure out how you can get it.

Knowing what you need…Now That’s Presidential!


About Kiné Corder

Kine' Corder is a best selling author, speaker, and member of the Financial Therapy Association. Formerly a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and currently a Financial Therapist Kiné runs Presidential Lifestyle, a financial wellness company focused on wealth in all of it's forms. www.presidentiallifestyle.com View all posts by Kiné Corder

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