You can be right or you can be happy #behappy

Ask any man and he will tell you that he doesn’t want a woman that agrees with him all the time. Most men want a woman with a brain and some ideas of her own. A man is comfortable with a woman who can argue her point but no man wants a woman who argues just for the sake of arguing. While working in the barbershop the number one complaint I heard from men about women was that women never know when to shut up. Even when they are wrong they just keep arguing and nagging. Men do not like to listen to women talk very much so they especially don’t want to hear us nag.

Women if you are right I know it is hard to keep quiet but I assure you if you do it things will work in your favor. The issue will reveal itself and whether or not someone says I told you so should not matter because deep down inside everyone knows who is right. I am not telling you to be a push over or to take anybodies crap. And I know your strategy might be to keep nagging because he will do it just to shut you up. But that will only last for so long and in the long term he will lose respect for you.

Men are competitive so it works in their favor if you put up a little bit of a fight. That way they can prove their point, change your mind and win. The reason they want you to disagree is so they can get you to agree. They really like to win. Of course all of this is subconscious and even some of the men reading this right now won’t be willing to admit it or won’t have any idea what I am talking about.

The bottom line for both men and women is that you can be right or you can be happy. Choosing your battles is a smart move. Thinking you are right all the time is foolish. Nobody is right all the time. NOT EVEN ME! LOL! Even on the days that you are 100% correct it may be worth the peace of mind to just be quiet and let the wrong person learn their lesson.

I learned this from my mother. She is the most patient person I know. She is very calm and she knows how to choose her battles. I have a saying that I use to describe her and it is, she will never beat you but she will always win. This happens because she uses poise and finesse to get what she wants. Even with me, my sister and brother she did not always have to be right nor did she force us to do things. She made us think it was our idea. And although she was usually right she would let us discover that for ourselves.

You can use this in all your relationships and life situations. You will find that it helps you communicate better, negotiate better and feel better. It cuts down on stress and makes an otherwise tense situation more peaceful. Whether you use it at work, with your children, your significant other or with your friends it can be a valuable way to keep the peace and communicate more effectively.

Knowing when to be quiet…Now That’s Presidential


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