How to raise PRESIDENTIAL children

So you have the children watching the Discovery Channel, reading National Geographic and you all eat an international dish at least once a week. Well you are on your way to building confident well traveled children.

St Basils Cathedral Moscow, Russia...looks like Disney World.

This week I have given my opinion about needy women, ambitious men and now I’m going to talk about the lifestyle of a child. Do you like to see and be seen? Is your wardrobe straight from Paris Fashion Week? Do you know how many VIP stamps you have had on the back of your hand? Can you do all of this and still be a presidential parent? If you have the time and money go for it, but don’t be afraid to take the children on your next international adventure.

Living the Presidential Lifestyle can be a lot easier when you are single with no children. You have more money, more freedom and more time. However, if you are a parent there are ways to be Presidential and take the children with you. This will help you raise cosmopolitan children that are able to create their perfect lifestyle much easier.

My favorite Christmas from childhood was when we went to Jamaica. We had seen a great portion of the United States by then so it was time to go international. We had so much fun coming back home telling our Christmas vacation stories at school. We climbed Dunnes River Falls, ate jerk chicken on the beach, took pictures of lizards in our backyard, played with the native children and ordered food that we had never eaten before. 

Dunnes River Falls - Ocho Rios, Jamiaca

Traveling  gets you out of your comfort zone and allows you to see the way others live. When traveling, children can learn by going to museums, parks and on sightseeing tours. But they can also learn by meeting children of other cultures and ethnicities, helping you plan the day and exploring a new city. It would be so much easier to pass that geography test if they have been there.  

Start locally and expand your adventures as you go. Even if it is only a short weekend trip it is important that children experience landmarks, learn history and build memories. And you get the satisfaction of watching your children grow mentally.

There are ways to make it inexpensive. Put alerts in one of the travel booking websites like or to notify you when the prices come down to your price range. Use to book and name your own price. Find groups that travel with children. Going in a group is always cheaper. Make sacrifices and safe as much as you can. Get the children involved. Let them save their money too, get them in on picking the destination and allow them to see how much it cost so that they have a clear concept of money.

Trust me there will be some resistance from the brats, especially if they are teenagers, but once they get going they will enjoy it. And even if they don’t today, later in life they will thank you. Remember you know what’s best for them so don’t let them whine their way out of a great life experience.

Also, make sure in your planning that you account for the exchange rate for the country you will visit. The dollar isn’t worth what it used to be. You can fly cheap, stay in an average hotel and book tours ahead to save money. Whatever you do be open minded with the food. Going to another country and eating McDonald’s is a waste. So if you can splurge anywhere do it with food. Great food makes any life experience more memorable and enjoyable.    

Disney world and water parks are good but they may leave your children insular and narrow minded. Make your family vacation a fun, educational, unforgettable life experience.  They will love it and so will you.

Raising cosmopolitan children…Now That’s Presidential!

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