4 tips to a successful bucket list

See the world....from the top!

1. Day dream – Your bucket list may have some basic, standard things on there like starting a garden or taking time to watch the sunrise and the sunset in the same day, but it should also have some far out items to check off too. Maybe you really do like the simple things in life. I get it, so do I, but on your bucket list I want you to go wild. Don’t stop yourself or wonder how you will get it done. Just day dream, fantasize, create and imagine. Let your mind wander into places it has been too scared to go in the past.

When you run across ideas, write them down or save them in your email. Tell someone you want to do it and see if they will go with you. You saw the movie right? Fulfilling the bucket list was a lot more fun when the two friends were together.

Give yourself the freedom to be as open and imaginative as you like. Don’t just think about it, dream about it. Get ideas from movies, friends, TV, magazines and websites. Try http://www.cloud9living .com. There you will find exciting things to do that may spark some ideas.

2. Share with dreamers – Earlier I told you to share your bucket list with someone but I forgot to say make it someone who can dream big. Don’t tell anyone who can’t dream big because they will talk you out of it. Go all the way. Don’t let money be an object. Just let your mind run free and think of the things that would make you scream to the top of your lungs with joy.

Pretend you are a little kid again. Remember when you thought you could be an astronaut? Did you forget how you thought you would one day drive a Kit Car (Night Rider)? There were so many ideas running through our brains like ruling the Star Ship Enterprise, driving a  Malibu Barbie Cars, having a super power and don’t forget all those tree climbing adventures. Go ahead and go there. It’s okay we won’t judge you if your idea is crazier than ours, although we might join you. Hope you don’t mind.

3. Make a list with dates – You should write down your ideas in a list but don’t stop there. Write them down on the calendar or at least assign a deadline. For example, if you said you want to fly in a private jet but you know that won’t happen this year. Give a time frame next to it like fly in a private jet by 2020. Don’t sit around trying to figure out how each thing will happen just write them down and give yourself a deadline. That’s your only job. Don’t start planning or strategizing just write down as many fun, wild, crazy, exhilarating, fulfilling things you can think of.

If you happen to find yourself in a position to scratch something off of your list, do it. You don’t have to wait for the deadline to come. The date is only there so that you won’t procrastinate or give up on your adventure. When you find yourself bored take out your bucket list and start filling it up with more ideas. Then if you are still bored, check your bucket list for something you can do right now.

4. Tell the stories – When you do something on your bucket list I want you to tell everyone about it. Talk about it at work, with your friends and with strangers. This will help you re-live the experience and it will prompt others to start living out their bucket list. You could be a part of making the world a happier place. When you tell your story you will feel good and even if the other people don’t understand your adventure they will begin their own adventures.

Follow these four steps and you will create an exciting bucket list that will turn into your exciting life.

Remember the Perfect Lifestyle is about making the things you want to do the things you have done. Now that’s Presidential!

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