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Self Business Plan

The link above is a copy of the Self  Business Plan because it is important that you follow alone for this exercise. If you are not use to making task list it can get a little confusing. If it seems like you are making list for the list than you are doing it correctly. Take your time and follow throuhg.

In life you have to take the good with the bad. There will be things that you totally enjoying doing that make your pursuit of happiness easier. However there will also be task that will seem pointless or that may tire you out. I am asking you to count it all joy because when you combine them together they make up the journey to your dreams.

At this point you should have made your list, maybe you checked it twice and if you are really nice you may have already gotten some things done. If not, don’t worry this next step will have you in action mode in no time.

Your life is full and it is easy to get side tracked with a bunch of tasks that do not have anything to do with your greater goals. Some of those things are necessary like shampooing your hair, taking out the trash and cutting the lawn. While others are less than productive like reading up on your favorite actors recent activity, comparing ABC’s primetime line-up to NBC’s line-up or staring aimlessly off into space as you think of all the things you could be doing.

Do not let the day, week or month get away from you. If you do, before you know it the year will be over and you will be so upset with yourself. At that point the only action you can take is to start again. Your last tasks list, listed the things you wanted to accomplish each month but the way to make sure you get that done every month is to have weekly and daily activity.

First make a schedule and be sure to determine your off days and your work days. State how many hours you will work each day. Then make a list of things that should happen every day or week in order to meet your goals. You should have an appointment calendar. Whether it’s inside your smart phone, on your computer or if it’s analog it doesn’t matter. Use the Self Business Plan to make a list of things you need to stay consistent with in order to meet your goals.

My weekly activity only allow for me to have one day off. At times I end up with 3 days off in a row but I usually will fill the space because I am so ready to get to my goals that it’s hard to take off. I would much rather work then push back getting to my goals.

On my daily activity table I list things like write blog, check email, workout, study French, mail press kit, review activity and make follow-up phone calls and check bucket list. These are things that I have to constantly do over and over again every week. By staying committed to these tasks daily I ensure my success. It is not easy to stay consistent but when you do the result is an accomplished goal. Ask any successful person.

Use the weekly activity section to create a schedule. Push yourself but also create relaxation time. The daily activity table should be things that you must repeat in order to be successful. You don’t have to do each activity everyday but write it down on the days you will commit to doing it. For example you may commit to working out Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning. If the list changes print out another copy and change it. No big deal.

In fact if it doesn’t change that probable means you are not moving forward. When your tasks change that means you will be closer to your goals and have a set of new tasks activities.

Now the last thing you need to do to connect the dots between wanting and having is to make a list everyday of the things you want to get done that specific day. List everything from call my mom to pick-up milk to finish my presentation to delegate these things to my assistant. That list should change daily. And if you do not finish everything on the list make sure you transfer it to the next daily to do list. You may have the best intensions but the worst follow through. It’s time to change that. Hopefully this daily to do list will help you visualize what needs to be done. When you see your task written down in front of you it is easier to get them done. Please do not try to remember them. That doesn’t work and it is a waste of brain power. Writing it down elevates room for human era. Remember we are human that is why we go through all the trouble of having a Self Business Plan to make us look like super heroes.

 I left space for 30 things to do if you have more than that you need an assistant. If you have an assistant you need to use your assistant more or you need a new assistant. Also, let the Self Business Plan assist you. Keep moving forward. Keep getting things done and before you know it you will be more successful.

 We have one more step in the Self Business Plan to go. The last step will help you feel the fruit of your labor. I’m excited about you having all the components of the Self Business Plan so that you can put them all together and watch your dreams unfold.

 If you have feedback email me at and feel free to share the ebook Self Business Plan and this blog with your friends. I welcome new subscribers.


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