Time “REALLY” is Money…

This is how you look when you have time and money....CALM! Pic courtesy of gentlemenslodge.com

The lifestyle of a lady or gentleman should be seamless or at least look like it. Everyone should wonder why you are so efficient and how you look so good doing it. Today’s business climate requires successful people to put in more hours making it harder to balance work and lifestyle. One sure way to create more time in your busy day is with the help of a personal assistant. Not the person employed at your business or office but someone to help manage your personal life. We spend so much time between the cleaners, doing laundry, grocery shopping, gifting, barbering, manicuring, housekeeping and other necessary but time-consuming errands. Having a few extra hours in a day could be helpful.

A trusted personal assistant can literally change the way you look at your life. The very things you despise are the things they enjoy doing. The value they bring is in the stress they relieve and the time they create for you to do more important things. Having someone take care of your needs can make you more productive and efficient allowing you to remain focused on the things that drive your income/revenue. The perceived cost can in fact turn into savings because a good personal assistant creates time so you can continue to make more money.

At PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE™ we encourage our clients to spend money when it is worth it. One of the things that I believe can make life easier and more productive is a personal assistant.  It doesn’t have to be a full-time employee. You can contract a service that puts a few more hours back in your day. Whether you need assistance with errands, vacation plans, gift shopping, or collecting valuable research they can get it done with discretion and ease. Think of all the things you hate doing that take up your valuable time.  If it takes you four or five hours to check off all the things on your to do list, what does that cost you? If you miss your children’s activities because you don’t have time, how does that make you feel?

Count the things that generate money and let’s face it if doesn’t MAKE you money it COST you money. If you make $250 an hour the 10 hours a week you spend on miscellaneous task cost you $2,500 a week. You could get a personal assistant to work those 10 hours for about $250 per week. Would it make sense to employ a personal assistant 10 hours a week if it meant you could net $2,000-2,250 and also gain some peace? When you realize how much money you are losing the choice is easy. If you want to be more CALM embrace a little Career And Lifestyle Management.

Creating time…Now That’s Presidential

If you run a personal assistant service or if you use a personal assistant that you would like to refer leave a comment with the contact information.

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