Impress yourself, it’s fun!

The other day I started the day with a message to my Facebook family about how a good morning can turn into a great day. Well in that statement I forgot about the night. I had a great night too.

I awakened and changed my routine. I normally either start the day studying my French or going to the gym. This time I decided to get right to work and multi-task by visiting Facebook at the same time.

The results of my spontaneous day were; I had a great morning, followed by great day and a great night. All this happened even though I didn’t follow my schedule. The moral in that story for me is that you can be open to change. You can do things in the moment. And guess what you can enjoy it. I am a planner. Planning makes me feel safe and strong, while loosing control makes me feel weak and scared.

I impressed myself and I confirmed the idea that being open can be a good thing. Now that I have learned that lesson I will allow myself to adjust more, to listen to where the Universe is taking me and enjoy it. Because I started the day so open I ended the day that way as well. So when I got a phone call from one of my business partners saying, “there’s an extra ticket to the Symphony Orchestra, do you want to go”? It didn’t take me 30 seconds to just say yes, why not!

I had a spontaneous day and I loved it. I impressed myself with what I am capable of and I was impressed by how the world took good care of me and didn’t let me drop any balls or miss any meetings.  Life can be good to you if you let it. Only be concerned with impressing yourself, not others, and the world will impress you.

Impressing yourself…Now That’s Presidential!

Night at the Symphony Orchestra

Click here to watch the Symphony

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