Mo Stegall Author & Speaker talks to KC about Creating his Perfect Lifestyle

Mo Stegall - Author/Speaker

If this was a movie instead of an internet blog we would open with shots that transitioned between the best of LA and the best of Atlanta. The background music would be a mix of Drake, “Over”, and T.I. “I’m Back” and “Get Back Up”. After the establishment shots we would do a slow zoom in dolly out combination (like Spike Lee) to a medium close-up of the laughing face of Mo Stegall, who is smiling because he has gotten “Over” some of life’s hurts.

My conversation with author and speaker Mo Stegall started strong, with deep tones of selfishness, disappointment, betrayal, let downs and heartache. This is a huge contrast from the smile I hear radiating through the wireless strings that connect us. Together we decided that Mo was able to change THE world and HIS world by simply changing himself. We talked about his lifestyle growing up all the way to the present. The common thread between then and now was his creativity, loyalty and selflessness.

What a crazy ride it has been he admits, but acknowledges that it was all necessary to give him the story that inspired the book: Against All Odds I Can Be. Mo is not self-righteous or ashamed of his past, he admits he made mistakes too and often feels enslaved by the work it takes to protect himself from future hurt. When his guards are down you will catch a glimpse of the most sincere, life loving, people person you will ever meet. He boast that people rarely leave him they way they came. They always find insight or encouragement in his words. He feels responsible for lifting up the world and helping people along their journey.

During our long conversation I learned that when the author/speaker isn’t out teaching young adults how to lift their voices to be heard, he is counseling people on knowing their self-worth. “When we do not know our self-worth we get used and abused.” Mo Stegall speaks from the heart and pours out love to those who need it.

“When you are a giver and servant it can be confusing to know when to stop”. He explains that it is hard to determine when you are helping and when you are crippling the person. A servant often gives more than their fair share without expecting anything back. Mo is a servant who is no stranger to giving and his heart allows him to give of himself to all who need him. He has to make a special effort to find the harmony in serving and teaching people to fish. As he learns his lesson he surprises himself with the love and attention he can generate even when he isn’t solving everyone’s problems.

Before we ended our conversation we had to discuss the lifestyle of an author and what life was like leading up to the birth of the book: Against All Odds I Can Be. Mo describes his lifestyle during the processes as an emotional roller coaster. As he wrote about his experiences he relived them and felt everything all over again. It was so painful at times that he had to walk away from his writing for a few weeks and come back to it when he was healed. Although he knew that God had called him to write this book he sometimes felt it was a heavy burden to bear.

Mo released years of hurt, stress and pressure in the 9 months it took to complete the book. He learned exactly what it meant to be a servant through the process because if it were up to him the book may not have been completed. He was merely doing the job that God had instructed him to do. At the time he was serving God, the Universe and all the would be readers of the book. He has carved out his piece of history and healed himself as if Wolverine had shared his super power with him. Mo has repaired and will continue to repair and improve until his heart and spirit are complete.

Mo Stegall who I have nicknamed MOST is proud of his Presidential Lifestyle and brags about being the King of saving money on travel. He uses online websites like Priceline, Expedia, and Hotwire which he will have pulled up on different screens all at the same time so that he can compare pricing. He travels first class like he should but instead of paying for it when he buys the ticket he upgrades it when he gets to the airport. Brilliant! NOW THAT’S PRESIDENTIAL!

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