My perfect day

This blog post is the continuation of the step 3 post last week. I told you I would write out my perfect day and share it with you. I want to make sure you understand that I am doing everything I am asking you to do. I also want you to get to know me as we go through this CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE journey.

In step 3 I told you to write your perfect work day and off day. The truth is for me if there is work to be done I don’t want an off day. The way I want my work day to go kind of blends what I would do on an off day into what I do on a work day. If I must take an off day it will be a vacation and I will describe a vacation day for me a little later. Those days may come once or twice a month and they will be fun in the sun doing all kid of adventurous things with my man and my children if I have them.  (obviously I am a workaholic.) My work really makes me happy so I prefer not to take off. My lifestyle will be my work as I create my perfect lifestyle.

Right now this is what I believe my perfect work day would look like: I would awaken early in the morning and work out with my man in our gym. (either we own it or it’s in our home) After our workout I will pick out our clothes and make us breakfast.

After I kiss him off to do his work (even if he is working from home I am giving him space to be creative and powerful) I will get dressed in a walk-in closet full of dresses, suits and shoes designed by me and my friends. Then I will go to my office and write and read until my phone rings. When the hotline rings I will give advice and encouragement to whoever is on the line. I will let the Universe control who I talk to. I will just pick up the phone and listening. My office has great sunlight because sunlight helps keep me energized. I also have a beautiful view. (either of my backyard or the skyline) I plan to have 2 speaking engagements per month so if this is a day that I am speaking I may have a different morning. I may have to get on my plane and go to where ever I am speaking.

No matter where I am I will send my man playful texts during the day. If we are in the same city I will ask him if I can bring him lunch where ever he is. If he says yes I will begin cooking and if he says no I will continue to write, read and advise. Then I may go to lunch with one of my friends/business partners at one of our restaraunts or they can come to my place and I will cook. (I plan to have a full kitchen in my office so I can cook.)

After lunch I will have a meeting about one of my businesses. I will make a few phone calls and check in with my business partners. My dream is not to own my own company. My dream is to partner with people who want to own their own companies and make sure they have the tools they need and the clients they need to be successful.

Next, I will go to a class. I will always involve myself in learning something. It may be something academic or it could be sports related. Either way it will be fun and rewarding and I will meet new people while I am doing it. If I have time before dinner I will check on my finances. This will be the time to look at bank accounts, bill payments, investments and savings. If not I will do it after dinner. If there are any decisions I need to make I will schedule the time to make them or discuss them with my man.

For dinner either I cook, we hire a chef to come in or we go out to one of our friends or partners restaurants. We will talk about our day. If needed we will advise each other or we will just listen. After dinner if work is not down we will continue our work days. I will take more hotline calls and give more encouragement. Then I will go to my theater and watch a movie. After the movie it is time for bed and when my man gets there it is time for whatever he wants. 

If you are wondering were the kids are that’s a good question. In my perfect life that is a decision I will make with my man. If we decide to have children they are in boarding school. I will home school them for the first 7 years of their lives and then I will send them to a serious academic boarding school where they can learn all that life has to teach them. On the weekends we pick them up and fly somewhere in our private jet and they go to work with us or we do fun, exciting adventures that teach them what else life has to offer. Mommy and Daddy will show them what it is like to be in a healthy, happy relationship. We won’t be needy and clingy but we will miss each other when we are away and we will make the most of our time together. We will all as a family make each other feel special. 

This is as close as I can get to my perfect day. It may change as I live but right now this is what I think would make me especially happy and comfortable. My goal is to have my whole life comped so I don’t have to work or worry about money. That is why I will partner with business owners and as their partner I will be able to enjoy the product. All I want to think about is being there when someone needs me. I want to be able to answer my hotline and give advice, instruction and encouragement.

My goal is to focus on my love for life and let that love generate all the money I can utilize to encourage, enlighten and entertain myself and other people.

I look forward to hearing about how you plan to enjoy your life. Keep working and CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE. I am here with you.

I have a driver and pilot that take me everywhere I want to go safely.
This is one of my favorite pictures. My friend said I look like Hampton Barbie. If I have to drive I have to love my car and look good in it.


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