The Bucket List – “Create Your Perfect Lifestyle” (Step 4 of 12)

Are you familiar with The Bucket List. If not, The Bucket List is the list of things you HAVE to do before you kick the bucket. What I like most about the bucket list is, it is a personal list of your hearts desires. The biggest or smallest of exciting things that make you feel alive. It is not about what others want from you or expect from you, it is what you want from yourself and from life.

Have you ever taken the time to write a bucket list. Well that is the exercise for today. I want you to make a list of as many things as you can think of that you want to do before you kick the bucket. Write as many as you like and go wild with it. The only rule I am going to set is that you have to write at least 10 things. You can think of 10 things you want to do can’t you?

I will give you 10 things I want to do from my bucket list but I should tell you that there were about 60 things on my list. The good thing is I started my list two years ago so I have already crossed off a few. Some of you know that I have been creating my perfect lifestyle for a while. So here are a few things from my list.

1. Dance on Stage with Janet Jackson 2. Fly to a business meeting in a helicopter. 3. Speak French fluently 4. Be on the Cover of a Lifestyle Magazine 5. Fractional Aircraft Ownership 6. Design and sew a dress for myself 7. Celebrate my birthday on a private island 8. Drive a race car 9. Meditate 10. Marry for Love and Money

Some of my things are more simple than the list above but I just wrote down the ones I like the most. Now see what you can come up with. Email me your list or fill out the form below and I will hold you accountable.( If you need more help thinking of things to add to your bucket list go to or they have many fun things listed on their websites that might remind you of what you want to do. I am sure if you search your heart and soul you can think of many things.

Let’s recap the steps we have done so far to CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE: Step 1 was to write down your commitment. Step 2 was to reflect on your accomplishments and write down your biggest accomplishment. step 3 was to write out your perfect work day and off day. Step 4 is to start writing your Bucket List.

I know I have to share my perfect work day and off day with you. I will post that in my next blog. It was too long to add to the Step 3 blog so I omitted it. I will not forget. I want to share my thoughts with you so that you can see how I live. Make sure you subscribe to this blog and tell your friends. Share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Have fun!


This is me in a helicopter on my birthday 2009. Now I need to have my own so I can fly to a business meeting.



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