Your perfect day “Create Your Perfect Lifestyle” (Step 3 of 12)

In order to CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE you have to first know what that would look like, feel like and be like. Knowing the answers to those questions will help you know when you have actually created your perfect lifestyle. Having it written down makes it easier to identify when it gets here. Of course you will be able to tell because you will smile more, worry less and really laugh out loud.  You will handle problems with ease and you will sleep better at night, but having it written down gives you a visual.

You probably complain daily about the things you don’t like or would change about your life. Today I want you to write while you think about them. And continue to wish for days when you can smile more and worry less and nights when you party hard and sleep silently.  I do not want you to focus on the complaints because you will create more negativity. I want you to focus on the good and the positive that you want to attract into your life. As soon as you think of something you don’t like, quickly change it to the opposite and write down the positive thought.

Step 3 is to write down what your perfect work day and your perfect off day would look like. Use your complaints and your negative thoughts to make your list of positives.  Some of you may want an off day and a work day to be the same day. Maybe you plan to make money while you sleep or have other people working hard while you play hard. If that is realistic for you write down what you would do with your time. Remember you are writing down the life you plan to achieve so do not make it a fairy tale but feel free to dream big if that is what you want. Make it a real life scenario that you can achieve. If you want to garden on the weekends, go shopping, sleep late on work days, take off for your children’s activities, fly helicopters or swim with the dolphins make it a part of your life on paper first. Then one by one start to change your daily tasks and to-dos until you have the life you want. Slow down though, let us take it one step at a time. This is only step 3 in the 12 step program.

When you write your days out be detailed. Describe your ideal days from morning to night. If you would like to be a stay at home mom describe what the new day would look like. What kind of car do you drive, where do your children go to school, who do you hang out with, what are your activities? If you would like to own your own business describe what kind of clients you would have, if you play golf with them, what you eat, what you wear to work, what you do after work, how you make money and if this is a work day next list your off day. If you wish you could travel for work describe what kind of work you do. Talk about what you wear on your work days and your off days. List the type of food you eat and whether you go to restaurants or if you cook or maybe you have a chef. Be sure to mention who is there with you. Do you have a business partner, family, boss or an assistant? Are you in control, are you an executive or are you a team member?

After you write down your perfect off day and work day start to think about the things you need to change in order to make these days happen. Are you close or are you far away? Can you start today on some of the things on your list or do you need to change other things before you can get to the lifestyle you desire?

This exercise is going to take some time and thinking so make sure you mark off time on your calendar to do it ASAP. Really sit down, think it through and write down your perfect work day and off day. When you do this exercise you will have a better idea of what your perfect lifestyle looks and feels like.

Once you can visualize it, you can begin to life it. Start to think about it and slowly put each thing on your list into action until you have created your perfect lifestyle. You have the power to create the perfect day and then do it again and again until it becomes your life. You can do it, I believe in you. If you feel like you need help please email me at and we can set-up a complimentary consultation so that I can assist you.

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Is this an off day or a work day? You decide!

Step 1 was write out a commitment and sign it. Step 2 was reflect on your accomplishments and write down the story of your biggest accomplishment.


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