Step 1 of the 12 step program “Create Your Perfect Lifestyle”

This is step 1 of the 12 step program CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE. I know it seems like we already did step 1 and maybe you believe this is step 5. It can be if you need to see it that way. Remember this is “YOUR” 12 step program so adjust it to whatever fits you best. The main objective is that you reach your goals your way. It is not about me and what works in my life. Although, I am sharing my life with you I do not expect you to copy my every step. I want you to make this your own.

Step 1 is to recite the commitment. In our preliminary work we started on writing the commitment. Now it is time to recite it. If you didn’t get a chance to write down your commitment you can do it now. I will share my commitment with you and you can use it to write yours.

It is important that you read the commitment out loud. When you speak the words they become more real. Reciting the commitment is like taking an oath. When you are taking action your brain begins to process that action into a habit. Being successful is about being activated and consistent. If you look at the most successful recording artist they are either in the studio or on tour or in a magazine or all of the above. Haven’t you noticed the most successful actors are in 2-3 movies, in a commercial, hosting SNL and they do not seem to stop.

How do they do it all. They are committed. They keep going until they can’t anymore. They give more than their best. They give everything they have and then some. They tap into other people’s energy and effort and they do what needs to be done.

Today it is your turn to commit to being the first person in the office and the last person to leave. Commit to not needing an alarm clock because you are so ready to wake up in the morning that you can barely sleep. Commit to helping others or asking for help. Commit to doing what you say you are going to do. Write your commitment, recite your commitment and keep your commitment. I am asking you to do this for me and for you. Together we will get to our next level.

Being successful happens over and over again everyday. One wrong move and you can be back at the bottom, starting over. That is the reality of it. If that actor who was in 3 movies this year decides to only do one next year that decision can cost him/her their success. I am not saying you can’t rest. I just want you to realize that success is about the decisions you make daily.

Here is my commitment. Please hold me accountable. Feel free to use whatever parts inspire you. Add and subtract how you see fit. The commitment you write and recite should have these elements.

  1. Your name
  2. A statement that you are committed and what you are committing to.
  3. State your dedication.
  4. Initial, sign and date the commitment.
  5. A completion date is (optional)

I, Kine’ Corder, commit and promise myself and the people counting on me to take the steps and complete the tasks I need to complete to get to the next level in my life. I understand that starting over takes dedication and courage. I am both dedicated and courageous. I am capable of reaching my goals and I will begin the journey today. I will put forth my best effort and I will keep going even when I feel alone and tired. I know that I am the most caring and highest paid self-help speaker and author and I have to act accordingly. I address the keys to discovering what’s missing in your lifestyle. And I help people attract it into their lives in the most time and cost-effective way possible.

This commitment is of sound mind and not a fly by night emotional decision. It is well thought out and I have considered all the possibilities. I understand that it will take time and that it is a process. I intend to enjoy that process and learn as I go through it. I also promise to share my knowledge so that someone else can succeed the way I have.

I am on my mark, getting ready to go. I am committed. _KC__ (initial)

 Sign: _________________________________________

Date: _______________________

Of course I signed my printed copy. Today I read my commitment out loud for the 10th time. I like rereading it and reciting it because it helps me recommit and mean it. You should do the same. Remember even if you do not have a set plan you can commit to being committed to creating that plan. I am excited for us. Write, read and live your commitment starting today.

I included this picture so that you know I am with you all the way. Remember to keep smiling! Be Peaceful and Productive.


About Kiné Corder

Kine' Corder is a best selling author, speaker, and member of the Financial Therapy Association. Formerly a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and currently a Financial Therapist Kiné runs Presidential Lifestyle, a financial wellness company focused on wealth in all of it's forms. View all posts by Kiné Corder

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