My #1 talent is helping people, What’s yours?

We all have talents. Some of us have many talents and find it hard to focus on one because we enjoy them all. What are you inherently good at? What things can you do in your sleep or with your eyes closed better than anyone else?

For me, I am good at helping people. One of my mentors Chris Gardner once asked me WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? He is a very straight forward kind of guy. I didn’t really know how to answer the question, so I didn’t. After careful consideration my mind began to understand what my heart was saying.

I am excellent at helping people and I love doing it. What that means is if you have a problem and you tell me I will help you find a solution. Even better if you are talking to me and I sense a risk I will help you avoid a problem. I can put out fires before anyone ever smells smoke.

This is a gift and a curse because many people need to buy their lessons. They need to feel pain in order to understand pleasure. So if you help someone before they feel pain they have no concept of the gift they received. In most cases they will take your help for granted and wish you would stop trying to help them. Thus, the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”.

It hurts me to see people hurt or fail but I have learned that I can’t save people who don’t know they are drowning. That was my life lesson a few years ago. I learned it so now I only help people who tell me they want it. I am still fulfilling my dream to help people and become the most caring self-help speaker and author in the world and this way I help more people who really want it. Focusing my effort toward those we are open to assistance makes me feel better and it helps the recipent get the best out of me.

The good news is when I know you want help I am excited about being there for you. My 12 step program CREATING YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE is based on helping people learn more about themselves and be able to identify areas of opportunity before they are stressful. When problems do arise the 12 step program and the 30 day program THE ART OF STARTING OVER will help them get through their problems quickly and use the experience to build a better future.

Below is a link to the Self Business Plan. This Self Business Plan is what I personally use to plan my year as well as what I use with my coaching clients as part of the CREATE YOUR PERFECT LIFESTYLE program. Let me know if you have questions.
Self Business Plan

What are your talents? Is there something that you are so good at that you believe you should win an award for it. What is it? Email me at

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Kine' Corder is a best selling author, speaker, and member of the Financial Therapy Association. Formerly a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor and currently a Financial Therapist Kiné runs Presidential Lifestyle, a financial wellness company focused on wealth in all of it's forms. View all posts by Kiné Corder

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